Step-By-Step Guide: Start a Dumpster Rental Business for Cash

Dumpsters might not be an attractive thing to look at but their business can generate heaps of money. Starting a dumpster rental business would require a lot of planning and figuring out everything. Here are the steps to start a dumpster rental business:

  1. Research About the Dumpster Rental Business
  2. Devise a Clear Plan For Your Dumpster Business
  3. Arrange the Investment For Your Dumpster Business
  4. Establish Your Roots In the Dumpster Rental World
  5. Register Your Dumpster Rental Business
  6. Set Up an Accounting System to Track Finances
  7. Expect Little From Your Dumpster Business Upfront
  8. Hire Employees Having Experience With Dumpsters
  9. Build Network in the Dumpster Rental Industry

I will guide you on how to start a dumpster rental business for cash and you can profit from this venture in no time!

So, let’s dive deeper into it and actually see how you can follow the steps mentioned above and start your dumpster rental business for cash!

#1 Research About the Dumpster Rental Business

To start up your own business, it is highly important that you first research the dumpster rental business and observe how the already existing businesses work.

This would help you analyze the market for yourself and figure out how can you go above and beyond these businesses but more importantly, it would just tell you the proper way to run a dumpster rental business.

Due to this research, you would be better equipped with information about this field and this would always be helpful for you in the short as well as in the long run.

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#2 Devise a Clear Plan For Your Dumpster Business

Now that you have thoroughly researched the dumpster business, you know all the important information regarding it.

Now is the time to devise a clear plan for your dumpster business and take the next steps accordingly. Having a clear plan is necessary because it helps you evaluate your situation and resources.

Here are some questions you can think of in order to get a clearer idea of your business plan:

What Is Your Plan?

When starting a dumpster business, you need to think along the lines of your plan and see how everything fits together. To answer this question, you should think about what exactly you plan to do.

Is it just a dumpster rental business or you’re trying to achieve something more from it?

Do you plan to engage other people? Would you be working as an independent contractor or you’d be more focused on working on short-term projects with flexible commitments?

Think along these lines and pen your thoughts down. Once you have a proper idea of what you’re trying to do, you can move to the next step.

How Are You Going to Execute It?

The next step is to think about the execution of this sustainable plan that you’ve come up with.

If you have a good plan but poor execution, you can expect your dumpster business to die even before starting up.

All the minute details such as your primary source of getting contracts or the daily hours you plan to work and the number of clients you’re ready to take on, add up to the bigger picture

You can expect your business to thrive if you execute it right, but to do that, you need to take some time and figure out all of this beforehand.

What Are Your Short Term And Long Term Goals?

For an effective output of your dumpster rental business, you should figure out your short-term and long-term goals beforehand.

This also helps to place expectations in the right place and allows for greater motivation to put the effort into the business.

Think along the lines of where do you see yourself going with your dumpster truck business in the next five years?

Do you expect to gain the money right away? Or do you plan to expand your business and hire more dumpster truck drivers and run an entire company all by yourself? Planning all of this would give you the bigger picture and allow you to work towards that.

Figure Out Your Dumpster Rental Target Market

Your dumpster rental target market is the eventual deciding factor for the success of your business. If you know your target audience, you can market yourself right.

You should also note that most people hire dumpster trucks for temporary users, and to have a constant influx of customers, you need to have a good marketing strategy that appeals to the target market.

You can find construction and development firms to be a good market for your dumpster rental business and you can approach them through their websites or social media pages.

What Makes Your Dumpster Rental Service Different?

To go above and beyond the other dumpster rental businesses, you need to bring something unique about your business that makes people lean more towards hiring you than other dumpster businesses for their services.

It is up to you to figure out that unique thing that you can provide to your customers.

It can be an added service in a package or it can be an additional discount for some firms or basically anything that is sustainable for you and beneficial for the other party.

This goes a long way in building your customer base and they would be more likely to hire you the next time they require dumpster rental services.

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#3 Arrange the Investment For Your Dumpster Business

Buying a dumpster truck would require heavy investment from your side because those miraculous trucks do not come cheap.

In addition to that, you will have to think about other expenses that will be used to set up your dumpster business such as marketing, hiring, etc.

You should arrange this investment if you haven’t already. In order to do that, you can ask your bank for a loan or start a fundraiser. 

Arranging an appropriate investment would ease the entire process for you and you can pay these loans off once your business starts to become profitable.

Here are some SBA-backed money-lending backs for dumpster rental business:

  • US Bank
  • MidFirst Bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Live Oak

#4 Establish Your Roots In the Dumpster Rental World

To start up your own dumpster rental business, you need to establish it. When it comes to establishing, having a good outlook of the brand appeals to the customers and they’re attracted to use your services.

Hence, it is important that this process is well-thought because it reflects your brand image and perception.

Naming And Logo

Naming and logo are the two most crucial parts of establishing your own dumpster rental business.

A good name should definitely have a ‘dumpster’ in it so that as soon as people hear your brand’s name, it immediately clicks that this must be a dumpster service.

Your logo can be as creative as you want it to be. As long as it reflects your services, you’re good to go.

Good naming and logo build a rapport and that is important for the influx of clientele. Take your time with this step because this can practically decide the success or failure of your business. 

Making a Website

Let’s say that I heard about your dumpster services, but now I want to learn more about them.

My first step would be to search on the internet about you and if I find your well-established on there, there is a 90% chance that I will use your services. 

A website would allow people to know about you and your business, and the easier it is to navigate, the better the chances that I would feel more comfortable using your services.

You can learn to make your own website or if you have the capital then preferable hire someone to make one for you. Remember, all of this builds your brand image and you need to do that right!

Market It Right!

This is a pre-requisite of even starting your dumpster business but this can be modified too as you move on with it. You need to know your target audience and then market yourself right to them.

There are various ways to market but probably the best one is through social media. But the only problem you might face over there is that there is so much competition in the dumpster world that it would take a lot of effort to make your name on social media.

You can obviously overcome this with enough time, persistence, and dedication.

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#5 Register Your Dumpster Rental Business

Now that you’ve established your business and secured the capital, the next intelligent step would be to get your business registered. This legalizes your business and makes your business more trustworthy. 

Registering your business includes getting licenses and permits to run your business as well as getting the employer identification number.

Even though there is no specific business license for a dumpster business, you would need to get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

If you’re planning to hire drivers to run your dumpster business, then you also need to make sure that they have a driving license too. 

For dumpster or waste hauling business insurance, I would advise selecting one of the following insurance companies:

#6 Set Up an Accounting System to Track Finances

Since you’ve just started up and put in a significant investment in your dumpster business, it is necessary for you to keep a close track of your accounting and finances.

You should also narrow your expenses to essentials and not spend on extra unnecessary things that you don’t have the capital to fund for. 

You can make an accounting system in which you track your monthly expenses and profits in the business. It would probably require hiring an accountant.

This would help you know your progress and the tweaks you need to make for the upcoming months. 

#7 Expect Little From Your Dumpster Business Upfront

While it is good to have lofty targets, it is also crucial to be realistic when it comes to running a business.

Remember that you’re just a startup and you have a long way to go before you can say that you’ve successfully established your dumpster business.

Your investments might not yield enough profits at the start but you need to be consistent with your efforts and be far-sighted and have limited expectations from your business as you start.

This helps keeps you motivated to do better without getting disheartened about less progress at the start.

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#8 Hire Employees Having Experience With Dumpsters

This is something entirely up to you depending on the investment you have. Ideally, you should hire employees having experience with dumpster businesses because they would be better equipped to lead your business forward.

But if you don’t plan to expand just yet and find the work to be manageable by yourself, then you can start this up on your own. 

#9 Build Network in the Dumpster Rental Industry

If you build connections and networks in the dumpster rental industry, you will get more orders since people would know about you.

Your dumpster business needs to make a name to thrive and building connections is how you do that.

You should join online communities, and social media pages that have people who are in the same business as you, and you should connect with them.

One extra step you can take is to connect with the firms that frequently require dumpster rental services and let them know that you are available to do their work.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Dumpster Rental Business?

Starting a dumpster rental business would cost anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000. Large-scale rental businesses will need a capital of $80,000 (with two dumpsters and a truck)

To start a dumpster rental business, you’ll have to purchase the dumpsters and then rent them for profits. Below is a general breakdown of purchase costs and rental costs relative to the size of the dumpster you’re gonna buy.

Dumpster SizePurchase CostRental Cost
10 yards$3000-$3800$240-$540
20 yards$4000-$5000$250-$650
30 yards$4500-$5200$350-$800
40 yards$5300-$5700$400-$850

The Pros of Starting a Dumpster Rental Business for Cash

While this business has a lot of pros, the two most important and common are profitability and easy work.


This business can be profitable in the long term because you can easily get around $300-$400 per week if a 10-yard dumpster is rented.

This business has good profitability and can lead to an even better influx of cash when expanded.

Easy Work

A dumpster rental business is easy to work for you and doesn’t require a lot of skills or complete energy.

This is a great advantage and you can lead this business with a relaxed mind and focus on it when it is required.

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The Cons of ​​Starting a Dumpster Rental Business for Cash

While the pros are very obvious, this business can have some cons. The two most common are a large startup investment and low profits initially.

Large Startup Investment

Your dumpster rental business requires a large startup investment and if you can’t invest properly in the business, it is not the right pathway for you.

Choose carefully and consider all aspects of this business beforehand.

Low Profits Initially

Your dumpster rental business would have low profits initially because there is much competition in this field and it would take some significant time to establish your name within the market.

If you’re ready to not immediately gain profits from this business, then you should definitely invest in this business.

The Final Verdict

Starting a dumpster rental business can be tricky and if done wrong, the business could crash leaving you with a huge loss. It is important that you figure out the market beforehand and plan everything accordingly.

Besides planning out your business, you need to take the big decisions too such as employment, establishing your dumpster business, and getting your business registered. 

If you’re consistent with your efforts and dedicate the necessary time to start up this business, it can thrive. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to start a dumpster rental business for cash, you should immediately work on it!

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