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I believe ClickBank is one of the most ingenious ways of making money as an affiliate marketer. In this article, I will teach how to make your career in CB passive income.

CB or ClickBank passive income is an affiliate marketing training course by Patrick Chan with a one-time payment of $97. Patrick claims that the course will teach the members how to set up an online business system that makes them money without much supervision. 

Basically, the internet marketing model centers around promoting CB products to its subscribers and then earning money from commissions.  

In this article, I will review the CB Passive Income (CBPI) licensing program and see how it works, what are its pros and cons, and how you can master the affiliate marketing business model.

What is ClickBank Passive Income?

ClickBank or CB is an internet marketing business model that Patrick Chan initiated from June to July 2013. Chan initially began it on a small scale where he successfully helped a few hundred marketers to make money online.

A year after that, in 2014, the second version of the training program empowered more people to get more leads and commissions through ClickBank. With every passing year, Chan and his team released newer versions of the program to enable more members to earn a passive income. 

CBPI 5.0

Making use of the digital age, they even optimized CBPI training for mobile phones. Its latest version is even available on Facebook, which lets the users subscribe and register for it without having to type in their email addresses again and again. CBPI’s 5.0 version has incorporated the idea of funneling that lets members set up their affiliate marketing business without having to look after it time and again. It is known as the “Set and Forget” system. They’ve also recently introduced its latest version called the CB Passive Income Elite (also known as the 5.0 version). 

The CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2022

The CB Passive Income Elite or Version 5.0 puts you on autopilot mode where you can make money online without much supervision. You don’t even need your own products or compose emails, build landing web pages, or anything of that sort. 

Basically, through the CB Passive Income Elite program, you learn the tricks of affiliate marketing where you promote the services and products of others on ClickBank and make a profit out of it. 

This ingenious training program teaches you ways to drive web traffic to your internet sites. As a result, you develop an email list that you can use to send out promotional emails for subscriptions and buying the products. So when a subscriber buys a product, you earn a commission. Easy, isn’t it?

Well, as I said, the online business model enables you to make money through affiliate marketing. After successfully completing the training program, you learn how to take advantage of ready-made funnels that have been reviewed by Patrick Chan. The funnels include web pages, opt-in forms, email lists, etc. 

How Does CB Passive Income Work?

The 5.0 version is a baller. Once you’ve registered the leads into the funnel, the system automatically sends fresh email newsletters and new content to the leads every week. So, you see what I meant when I said it works on the autopilot mode. It’s like you don’t even have to work to create a stream of income revenue. To be honest, this is something almost all of us yearn for: to earn without having to do anything at all.

Once you’ve completed the course, it lets you make money through ready-made funnels. All you have to do is look for individuals who are interested in that particular niche and then send them to the website, which will collect all the email addresses. 

When the members have entered their emails, they will receive automated email messages that will contain promotional content of associated products. Every time a member purchases a product, you earn a profit out of it. 

As a passive income generator, your role is to send targeted website traffic to those ready-made funnels. The business model will teach you strategies to garner traffic.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the marketing course:

Step 1: The first step is to bring in more traffic to the landing page of your website.

Step 2: The next step is to get the visitors’ attention, give them a free gift and add their email address to the subscribers’ list.

Step 3: Keep following up with the subscribers and develop a relationship of trust with them.

Step 4: Finally, you start working on monetizing your list by sending promotional emails to your subscribers informing and recommending relevant affiliate products.

As I said, the course works on autopilot mode, so a user only has to complete step 1, the Patrick Chan business model takes care of steps 2 and 4 on its own.

Here’s what you have to do as a member of the CBPI marketing course:

  1. When you begin the training program, it will provide you with a few ready-made landing pages with free product offers for visitors.
  2. In the next step, you will have to promote your landing page via social media platforms, YouTube, Bing, or paid traffic services. You can promote multiple landing pages at once. In order to receive free products, your visitors will have to subscribe to your mailing list
  3. Patric – the creator of the training course will then send follow-up emails or newsletters to your subscribers. Those letters will include an offer for a specific product available through the affiliate network Clickbank.
  4. You will make money via commissions. Each time a subscriber purchases a product, you will earn a profit out of it.

To sum the business model up, professionals call it a business-in-a-box program because it helps create a passive revenue stream for the users.

Like every training program in the world, the CB Passive Income 2022 also has some pros and cons. Therefore, we will have a look at both the benefits and drawbacks of the internet marketing model one after another.

11 Benefits Of CB Passive Income

  1. It is a user-friendly course, especially for newbies of affiliate marketing.
  2. The course has been designed by Patrick Chan who is an Internet Marketing mogul.
  3. There’s a super cool feature about the program that all its updates are 100% free.
  4. To date, it has been established as one of the longest-running online money-making courses.
  5. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee to it. No questions asked.
  6. It uses the #1 internet marketing channel — Email Marketing. 
  7. It works on autopilot mode. The subscribers you get are all yours and you won’t have to follow up with them. Fresh content will automatically be sent out to all the subscribers every week.
  8. The course is operated by a human who has had real-life experiences. There’s no bot involved.
  9. You get free training videos from Patrick Chan.
  10. ClickBank has given its stamp of approval.
  11. You will possibly start making money in two months and then on a regular basis after that. ClickBank has a policy of not paying out money in the first month in order to avoid scammers.

8 Drawbacks Of CB Passive Income

  1. Initially, it could be difficult for the users to obtain organic traffic.
  2. They do not update their training material to match up with the latest trends in the digital world.
  3. The training material is text-based so it gets boring for the members. They should at least add more videos and graphics to the course to make it engaging.
  4. You don’t really get to control the product that is being promoted from your email.
  5. You will have to be patient. It takes time to get things up and running.
  6. The internet marketing model does not bring organic traffic to your website.
  7. You don’t even get to control the email follow-ups. They are all automated.
  8. The lifetime profit is overstated.

If you’ve come this far, it means I have caught your attention and now you must be wondering how you can set up your own affiliate account to get started. That is why I will head straight on to the steps of setting up a ClickBank account.

7 Steps Of Creating a ClickBank Account

#1 Sign Up for the ClickBank Account

One of the most interesting aspects of ClickBank is that it is user-friendly. You can go from having NO experience to having your first affiliate link in just 15 minutes — how cool is that!

Goes without saying, to get started on ClickBank, you must first create a free account. It is super simple. All you have to do is go to the signup page and enter your country, name, phone number, email address, and password.

After you’ve created your account, you’re ready to start promoting products and earn commissions. This is the real deal of the marketing model.

#2 Look For A Product To Promote

As a beginner, you may find the ClickBank interface a little intimidating, so it is better to get started on a few easy steps. Immediately after registering, you will be directed to your main account dashboard. Your earnings for the current week are displayed prominently so you know your status immediately. You’ll notice that this section will fill up with data from all of the products you’ve sold for ClickBank vendors, once you earn money with CB.

On the left sidebar, you’ll notice a few icons that will lead you to different places, but for starters, you only need to focus on the Marketplace. The little store icon on the left is the one for Marketplace. 

Other than the little store icon, you can even find the Marketplace on the main dashboard of your account. It is placed on top, as you can see in the image.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace

There’s nothing complicated about this one, all you have to do is find a product to promote in the Marketplace. Here’s how you can do that:

  • On the left sidebar, you’ll see a long list of product categories, which then open up into subcategories of various product types. These categories make it simple to find products based on the niche (or topic) you’ve chosen for your business model.
  • You can also find a good product on the Marketplace by bypassing the categories and instead browse through “all products.” To do so, use the magnifying glass search button at the top to see every marketplace product in a list – the results will be sorted by Rank by default.

#3 Look At ClickBank Product Listing

According to ClickBank, its #1 product in the Marketplace (by Rank) is Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic — a health offer for weight loss. 

In the product listing section, you can see a product description, an affiliate page, a support contact, and some key statistics of the product.

Other than the product category, one of the most critical points here is the initial $/conversion figure of $143.01.

This statistic means that for each purchase from a subscriber, you can expect to earn more than $140 in commission. The Flat Belly Tonic product also pays a commission on rebills (when a customer orders it again), so you can earn residual income from it!

The Gravity score is another important statistic to discuss.

Gravity Score

Gravity Score is an overview of how many sales a product has recently received, as well as from how many affiliates. A high Gravity score – like something above 500 means it’s ROLLING. This means at least 500 different affiliates have sold the product in the last three months.

#4 It’s Time To Create An Affiliate Tracking Link (HopLink)

I have established so far that you earn a commission each time a subscriber clicks your unique tracking link and buys a product you’re promoting. The unique tracking link or the affiliate tracking URL is referred to as the “HopLink” at ClickBank.

Well, to make money on ClickBank, you need to create a HopLink, which is super easy to generate. 

Since I’ve been talking about Okinawa, let’s create a link for that. All you have to do is click the big “Promote” button next to the product listing.

Creating a Nickname

Also, before generating a HopLink, make sure you have created a nickname for your account. Simply navigate to your main account dashboard and look for the “person” icon, as shown in the image below — Think yourself as a personal brand.

Now click “Create an Account” and give your account a new name. You can link multiple account nicknames to your main ClickBank account, which is useful if you want one as a seller and another as an affiliate.

You’ll see the HopLink Generator for this product after clicking “Promote.” Simply enter your chosen account nickname and an optional Tracking ID (not required for now), and then click the “Generate HopLinks” button.

As shown in the image below, ClickBank’s HopLink Generator will generate a new HopLink that is linked to your account nickname.

You can easily copy the HopLink by pressing the right-hand button or by highlighting and copying the actual text in the field.

And there you have your first HopLink. Things are getting exciting now!

#5 Now It’s Time To Get Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

“Traffic” is a catchword in the world of online marketing that describes the number of users or site visitors. Traffic and conversion are the two pillars of any successful online marketing campaign:

  • With traffic, you divert people to the different products that you are promoting.
  • Conversion means your subscribers have made a purchase and that’s how you make money.

In short, getting traffic is very important, because traffic leads to conversion.

The upside of being a ClickBank affiliate is that you only have one job to focus on: drive traffic to someone else’s sales page. You can make money without worrying about conversions if you get the right traffic and choose a high-converting offer.

Now that it is established that traffic is extremely important to earn money through CB, you need to learn how to get traffic for our business.

Organic Vs Paid Traffic

You can get organic traffic for your business through the following three ways:

  1. Google search – build an affiliate web page or blog post and make it rank by using SEO keywords for narrow niche topics. 
  2. Sell your business on social media.
  3. Email Marketing. Add opt-in forms to your web page and get more organic subscribers.

Here are the 3 paid ways to get traffic to your affiliate business:

  1. Facebook Ads.
  2. Native Ads – ads that appear on web pages as part of the content.
  3. YouTube Ads.

#6 Collect The Data

To become a pro affiliate marketer, you need to monitor the metrics. Once you’ve generated the HopLink, start monitoring the data to see what’s working and what’s not. By doing so, you will be able to judge what methods you should use in the future.

#7 Monitoring The Campaigns

After a few months, you will be able to see how successful your campaigns are – if you are earning MORE profit than you are investing, that is a sign that things are going well for you.

However, it is a matter of concern if things are not yet profitable. This could mean that you need to experiment more and fix your issues by going back to the basics.

You can only tell if a campaign has worked once you’ve sent traffic through it and done some testing and made fixes along the way. ClickBank says for paid campaigns, this could take 10-14 days; for SEO or email marketing, this could be 6-12 months.

Honestly, There’s no one-size-fits-all here, you have to figure things out on your own through testing and fine-tuning. 


For now, the road may seem long and tiring, but always remember that affiliate marketing is an extremely rewarding journey and once you’ve mastered the skills, it all seems worth the effort — I assure you that!

You can always revert to our blog for more help that you need in your journey as a ClickBank affiliate marketer.
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