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When it comes to making money and finding a career path, we all yearn for jobs that are easy and ones that pay well. I mean who wants to spend a large chunk of their lives doing work that doesn’t excite them or make them look forward to it every day. At least I wouldn’t want that for myself, EVER!

There are tons of easy jobs out there that pay well and don’t even require big degrees or complicated training. These jobs include librarian, voice-over artist, bridesmaid, fortune cookie writer, and lots more.

If you’re here on this blog looking for simple jobs that can help you make a boatload of money, then here’s what you need to learn. 

12 Factors That Make A Job Easier

Here are some other factors that make a job easy: 

  1. If the key tasks are enjoyable.
  2. Minimal public contact (generally people prefer emails to in-person meetings). 
  3. Few, if any, deadlines or other time constraints.
  4. There are positive affirmations.
  5. Physical comfort or a low level of physical demand.
  6. Short work hours, no on-call or overtime requirements.
  7. Workloads that are light or that allow downtime.
  8. A scarcity of critical or life-or-death decisions.
  9. Education requirements are minimal.
  10. Ease of learning the required skills.
  11. Manageable responsibilities. 
  12. Low micromanagement. 

In short, you have to find something that you’re good at and then give it a shot.

An easy job can be challenging, but for the employee, handling the tasks is enjoyable. So for that person, it is an “easy job.” It can make the work feel more manageable and enjoyable, which are frequently important components of what people perceive to be simple.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to an easy job, it all depends from person to person. What may be an easy job for one may not be for another, so it totally depends on each individual’s preferences. However, speaking in a broad term, an easy job is something that doesn’t get you stressed, gets you excited, is tolerable, and is something that is comfortable.

Top 15 Easy Jobs That Pay Well in 2022

If you’re looking for ways to get started, we have listed down some of the highest-paying jobs that you could easily do in 2022!

1. Toll Booth Attendant

A toll booth attendant is literally a walking talking example of an “easy job.” I mean, when it comes to simplicity, there’s nothing that beats the role of a toll booth attendant.

All you have to do is collect money from the vehicles passing by at the toll station. Other than that, you have to open the gate for the vehicles, once they’ve paid the money. Isn’t that the coolest job ever? 

Honestly, nothing gets easier than this. 

Now you must be wondering that if the job is that easy and doesn’t require much effort or skills, then it can’t pay that well. But, let me tell you that your inhibitions are wrong. . On top of that, these are state government positions, which come with generous benefits and packages, making the job more lucrative.

The average salary of a toll booth attendant is around $21,349/yr

2. House Sitter

Speaking of easy jobs that pay well, house sitting has to be one of the simplest jobs on this list, I kid you not!

In the most basic terms, you are paid to live in someone else’s house while they are away for vacation or for business. Essentially, you look after the property, do housework, and care for the owners’ pets and plants – all of which you would normally do at your own home, too, but in this case, you are compensated for it! 

Speaking of dream jobs that make you tons of money, baby!

To give you an idea of the average salary, house sitters earn an average of $25,944 per year, with the top 10% earning $34,768. Moreover, this position does not stop you from working in another capacity. If there is Wi-Fi at the house, you could work remotely or do freelance tasks from there.

You could even go to a regular job as long as you aren’t required to be at that house every single minute of the day that the owners are away. 

Please tell me you’re dreaming of becoming a house sitter already!

3. Librarian

Being a librarian is generally a low-stress work and administering a library does not have a lot of challenges like many other professions. Libraries are such peaceful places to be in and the cataloging process is actually quite relaxing. When a person is in a calm environment, researching and reader assistance tasks seem enjoyable. 

People usually think that being a librarian means limiting yourself to public or private sector libraries, but the work scope is not limited to this.

Big corporations, museums, healthcare facilities, government institutions, law firms, schools, and non-profit organizations also hire librarians for cataloging and research purposes. However, to be a librarian, a person has to have a Master’s degree in library sciences. 

To be a librarian means waking up early, and people who love to snuggle for extra hours in bed may not find this job suitable for themselves, but let me tell you, being around books is just something otherworldly. On lazy days, you can spend a good chunk of your day wandering through aisles of books and loving them all together. 

Now on to the important part… here’s what a librarian makes annually:

  • Lowest 10%: $16.74/hr | $34,810/yr
  • Median: $29.24/hr | $60,820/yr
  • Highest 10%: $46.85/hr | $97,460/yr

4. Tour Guide

Another job that qualifies for being simple and one that pays well is that of a tour guide. Working as a tour guide is a good option if you love exploring your city or a specific place, such as a museum, tomb, or national heritage, etc, and have the knowledge to share with the visitors. This can definitely qualify as a fun job that pays well.

You’ll spend your day telling details about a place to the visitors and showing them the coolest things possible. Moreover, you get to travel around with people and explore your city even more.

Now, what is better than that, right?

As far as the money is concerned, a tour guide typically earns $27,600 per year. However, the top 10% have earned $45,850, which is quite good. You can even take it up as a part-time job and make extra cash working remotely or doing freelance.

5. Dog Walker

If you love pets, don’t have any allergies, and if you are someone who is comfortable around dogs, then being a dog walker is a viable option for you. If you’re thinking of taking up a job that allows you to go outdoors and be around furry paws, then this job is totally for you. 

Mostly, this is a part-time job that requires some walking around. With this work, you can take up another job to make extra cash. You could even work for multiple dog owners and stack all the dogs together to make more money because people usually don’t mind their dogs being walked alongside other dogs.

Dog walkers make an average of $12.02 per hour. However, some earn $18.57 or more per hour, which isn’t bad given that you don’t need to have specific education or training for this job.

6. Trash or Recyclables Collector

Even though this job demands physical strength, you don’t need to have special training or education to acquire this job. In many parts of the US, trash collector jobs pay really well and they are even easy to acquire.

You even get to meet people in different localities. Move around in the garbage collection car and collect waste. The work isn’t that challenging either and something that people usually enjoy. 

If you are looking for easy jobs that pay well, you could consider being a trash collector as an option. The top 10% make around $67,530/yr.

7. Professional Cuddler

Believe it or not, but being a professional cuddler is an actual job that can make you good money. If you’re someone who loves being around people and even hugging them, then this is an ideal job for you. 

While it is not your typical 9-5 office job, it is a legitimate occupation. Cuddlers, also known as touch therapists, spend their days talking to, holding hands with, and hugging clients to provide emotional support.

Also, research says that a warm hug a day can take away your worries and it works as a great emotional de-stressor, too. With this job, you could even find therapy for yourself by hugging away your problems. 

A professional cuddler makes around $37/hr.

8. Voice Over Artist

Voice actors get paid for giving their voice for background sounds. They read from scripts for multiple projects like commercials, films, voiceovers, audiobooks, and video games, etc. If you get complimented for having a good voice and have the creativity in you for making up sounds, then this is a pretty stress-free job.

You don’t even have to leave your humble abode to carry out this job. You can always record in your home studio and get the job done.

It pays around $29/hr. You can also take up other part-time roles with this one to make extra cash for yourself.

9. House Painter

Working as a house painter could be a good fit if you prefer something active but also simple. If you have a creative side to you, then this is something you could definitely enjoy. Also, the end result is always so satisfying when you see those freshly painted walls, houses, and gates, etc.

As a house painter, you’ll spend the majority of your day applying coatings such as primer, paint, or sealant, so you don’t have to be skilled to take up this job. Most painters do not even take proper training, they learn everything on the job, so if you have the right attitude, this could be one of the easier jobs to get.

Typically, a house painter makes $40,280/yr. However, the top 10% earn more than $67,560, which explains this role can take you places.

10. Fortune Cookie Writer

Don’t we all just love reading out about our lives from those fortune cookies? Yes, we do. Well, to break it out to you, there’s someone out there who is earning boatloads of money writing about your life. 

For this job, you need a little bit of creativity and a sense of humor, to write down those witty one-liners that the majority absolutely loves. This is an enjoyable job that will not get you stressed at all. 

A fortune cookie writer makes $23/hr. 

11. Nuclear Power Plant Operator

There’s someone looking after all those nuclear power plants, and I bet you didn’t know that they are earning a fortune out of it. The name might sound daunting but there’s no specific requirement to take up this job. 

To get started, you have to follow numerous procedures and get some handling licenses for training purposes and then you’re all good to go. It’s a role that allows you to get into a rhythm quickly, making it low-stress on most days. It’s also extremely profitable. People make a yearly salary of $100,530, whereas the top 10% can earn $128,810 or more.

If you’re tensed about finding work that feels fulfilling, then you can totally try your luck in it.

 12. Medical Records Technician

If you have a knack for keeping things in order and are a particularly responsible person, then you can totally qualify for being a medical records technician. It is generally a low-stress job that feels satisfying as well.

As a medical records technician, you will have to make sure the paperwork is safe and filed correctly. Since doctors, patients, and lab technicians depend on medical records, this job requires vigilance. Once you get a hang of it, the job can be a breeze. 

A professional certificate can make it easy for you to get started in this industry without a degree, it is still feasible to do so without one. The average yearly pay of a professional is $42,630, however, some earn more than $71,150.

13. Optician

Opticians are everyone’s go-to persons each time they need new glasses, corrective lenses, or only for getting their eyesight checked. An optician helps in consultation on matters related to the eyes.

These professionals usually work in a relaxed setting where they can get to know the patients’ problems easily and recommend solutions in a peaceful environment. They give prescriptions on recommendations from optometrists. 

Opticians put their skills to use by taking exact measurements and making recommendations after consultation from eye specialists. Being an optician does not require a degree because you do not have to do diagnoses or give out prescriptions. 

Top 10% opticians make $62,180 annually. 

14. Flight Attendant

Yes, I know flying is intimidating for some, and dealing with rude passengers and their endless demands isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this job isn’t all bad. Let me tell you, not all passengers are rude, the majority of them are super nice and accommodating. Some of them even stand up against impolite passengers to help the flight attendants fight back. 

What’s super cool about this job is that you get to travel and be in the skies all your life. I mean I’d do anything to get this job. And it is a given that travel makes your stress go away, helps you relax and bonus point, you don’t have to bring your work back home!

Flight attendants make $37,000 annually. Plus, you don’t need a specific degree to land this job, only a six-week training where they teach you how to converse with travelers and what to do in case of an emergency (that is a rare occurrence). Moreover, you get to have FREE FOOD! 

15. Professional Bridesmaid

The last one on the list is a job that is thoroughly entertaining and pays well too. If you like going to weddings, playing dress-up, and having sumptuous many course meals, then being a bridesmaid is an ideal job for you. 

A typical day as a professional bridesmaid revolves around carrying out assistant duties in wedding planning, helping the bride get ready for her big day, and calming the intoxicated family members.

You get paid well to be the bride’s go-to person, and you get to enjoy the celebration as well, all while being dressed up. I mean if this isn’t a dream job, I don’t know what is! Period.

You get $20/hr for being a bridesmaid, and I personally feel that is a pretty good deal.

Final Thoughts

These career paths are not your typical dream jobs, but they get you good money. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being a little unconventional to keep yourself afloat. If you’re looking for a start in your career path, then this list will definitely help you out in finding a good fit for yourself. 

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