7 Highest Paying Affiliate Programmes For 2024

In 2023, the world of affiliate marketing is at its all-time peak. Taking all other forms of marketing by storm has opened a lot of new opportunities for pupils to gain experience. 

This raises the question: what are some of the highest paying affiliate programs?

These are subjective but a few of them would be ones like Hostinger, BlueHost, and many such similar ones.  Here, I’ll break down what I think are the top seven highest-paying affiliate programs. For more names, watch my video here to find out:


The basic concept of affiliate marketing is bloggers and influencers promote certain products or services. In turn, these bloggers and influencers get a set ratioed commission for each customer that buys the host’s service. 

The blog or “affiliate” advertises the product/service by using pre-made banners or links provided by the host. These banners can be put anywhere on your websites, multiple social media apps, or email newsletters. 

#1 The Six Figure Mentors

This is another online course site. Now the reason why these courses are the best in affiliate marketing is that oftentimes they do not have any shipping or staff costs and have “infinite” products they can sell.

This way most course owners can even give up to 95% in affiliate revenue. As they have a product ready to launch and no extra luggage to take care of, online course affiliates are one of the best due to their major success.

I found The Six Figure Mentors myself. It’s is an online course site that teaches aspirants about the digital economy, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce. The owner of the course highly believes in affiliate marketing and teaches how you can earn from home as well. 

The SFM Affiliate 

For their affiliate program, affiliates are known to get up to $8000 in commission per sale. Now I didn’t check for myself but the payment plans I saw had affiliate sales of $20 per referral

Aside from this, they have a $20 commission rate if you sign up as a student and a $200 one-time payment along with $20 on all active subscriptions. 

So, in this way, it’s a very good affiliate program because if you get $200 plus $20 per referral.

If you get 10 signups for SFM, you will get a $200 pay-up for those 10 signups.

#2 Hubspot 

Hubspot is one of the biggest affiliates I have tried. It’s a well-known marketing software that needs no introduction at all. 

Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that aims at helping companies attract customers and convert leads. It does this by using various eCommerce tools and tricks to help boost your products.

Some of its key features include content creation, lead capture, customer relationship management, and workflow automation. All these aims in uplifting your work to attract more sales. 

How Does the Hubspot Affiliate Work?

The HubSpot affiliate program; their startup version gives you $250 per sale and if you sign for their professional account you get $500. Moreover, if you sign up for their enterprise you get $1000 per sale.

Hubspot affiliate program isn’t just a plain affiliate marketing, you can make a full-time job out of this just by signing up.

You can promote your HubSpot affiliate using personal links, blog posts, and webinars. For every referral, you gain on your name you will get a commission based on the package you joined. 

#3 Plus 500

This is a marketing site that caters to customers seeking access to a wide range of markets for trades. Anyone looking for low trading costs and a simple functional platform; plus 500 is for you.

Plus 500 also offers its affiliate program. Here you can make up to $800 per acquisition or for people to sign up on the platform. 

This affiliate link is most successful for all of you that have finance blogs/ channels as it’d be easier for you to bring new referrals. In this way, you can generate a lot of money. 

#4 Liquidweb

Lastly, we have a hosting site. This is also software but instead, it hosts different sites. Another example of infinite sales, is they have almost infinite sales and if they use up all the space on the servers they can still sign up more customers. 

Now I hadn’t heard of this site until a while back but, the good thing about this is its affiliate commission. With their affiliate program, they are known to give 150% commission with a minimum of $150. 

So even if you only refer 29 managed accounts for WordPress, you’ll still get a $150 cost per acquisition. This is cool because I don’t think this is shady at all as it’s a hosting company and if done well can make you a lot of money.

#5 ClickFunnels

The funny thing about Clickfunnels is that — as far as I know — they didn’t market their software to the end-user. Instead, they started their initial marketing using affiliate marketing.

So this is a quite well-known affiliate program. One that has been in affiliate marketing since the start, literally. 

What Does It Do?

This is a website and sales funnel builder that helps you present, market, and deliver your products online. According to its official website, you don’t need any prior software skills to use its features.

In this way, Clickfunnels provides emerging entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art tools that help buyers to maneuver around the site’s sale process. 

Some of the Clickfunnels key features are its drag and drop web page editor, shopping cart feature, and automation for email and Facebook page. 

Clickfunnel Affiliate Program

Now coming back to its affiliate program, you will get up to 40% monthly recurring commissions. It’s these recurring commissions that are particularly nice to have as even if it’s only 10 dollars it’ll stag up. 

This way you’ll keep getting those 10 dollars for the same customer every month. How neat is that? I get recurring commissions for multiple affiliates myself and these prove to work very well for me. 

Secondly, they market their affiliate program so much that you can see how much affiliates make from them. Paying more than $100 million in commission. There are multiple step-by-step examples showing how much affiliates make with Clickfunnel.

#6 Authority Hacker

Now I’ve personally tried this course so I recommend this. It’s about affiliate marketing and you’ve probably already heard about it. Even if you haven’t, that’s what I’m here for.

Joys Of Authority Hacker 

Run by two guys, their main aim is to make blogs, podcasts, and other forms of media to help young affiliates. 

They try to show the “fluff-free” side of marketing to give young affiliates a gist of what they’re going to face. Alongside their multiple forms of media, they also have online marketing courses and even helped around 10,000 people kick start their online business. 

Equipped with SEO optimizations, WordPress, and multiple funnels, all you have to do to sign up is watch a free course video they made and sign up for their affiliate program courses. 

Earn Just By Sitting In The Comfort Of Your Bed 

By joining Authority Hacker’s affiliate program you can earn up to $990 just by giving them a lead. 

Sounds unreal right? 

Well, you better believe it because this affiliate requires minimal effort and earns you high profits. Also, in the post-pandemic world, this has become a norm, so you don’t even have to worry about explaining things to your family (if you know what I mean).

#7 Convertkit

This software site uses email marketing to help grow your audience. It promotes your latest project by creating sign-up forms, link pages, and landing pages that make your work different from the rest. 

This software is mostly designed for catering to one type of audience: bloggers and YouTubers. Their target audience means there aren’t many eCommerce features in the software.

What Makes Convertkit Stand Out?

Of the many email marketing software present, Convertkit stands out as it’s made purely for the new generation of technology. This means there are no uncomplicated procedures and even work for modern-day uses.

Aside from this, Convertkit is easy to use along with being fairly priced, and not to mention that they offer a free landing page plan, too. 

Some of the key features of Convertkit are that it provides you with subscribers. These are the people who are subscribed to your email. 

Secondly, they also offer landing pages and forms, broadcasts, sequences, and automation all to enhance your marketing. 

How Much Convertkit Pays In Affiliate?

For their affiliate marketing program, affiliates make up to $4000 in just a few months. Like ClickFunnels, the Convertkit affiliate pays you a 30% recurring commission for 24 months. And this isn’t even the best part. As they reach more sales your commission will also increase.

Their only requirement is that you bring them referrals from the affiliate link they provide. Then, you can sit and enjoy the recurring commission and boost your profit from $8 to $4000.

I think Convertkit might be one of the coolest software out there. Of Course, I might be biased as a lot of blog posts I’m seeing recommending the software are already affiliates for Convertkit.

Types Of Affiliate Programs

So now that you’ve covered the top seven highest paying affiliate programs, it’s now time to classify the programs that I previously mentioned. 

Before starting your affiliate journey, make sure you know exactly what horizons your customers spend their time in. 

Whether they’re fellow bloggers or wanting to start their own business. Knowing what your readers are interested in can greatly help you in choosing a subsequent affiliate to work with. 

For this reason, let me break down the different types of affiliate niches you can consider joining.

Search Affiliates 

This form of affiliate marketing is similar to traditional affiliate advertising. In this type of affiliate marketing, search engines such as Google and Yahoo are used to lure in potential conversions and referrals. 

Here, companies are likely to have outsourced individuals that pay a small startup amount to promote their offers and services. This is done on different social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Now you may wonder how this benefits them in any way. Well, for any referral that companies get, their outsourced freelancer gets a fixed-rate commission.

Bloggers And Influencers 

This is where companies scrounge for talented bloggers and social media influencers that regularly come in contact with their ideal buyer persona in the field they’re in and ask them to promote their services.

The best way to earn any referrals is to build a connection with a blogger of the niche they’re in and chances are, people will go through their content and come across their product as well. 

Coupon Sites 

For companies that have recently launched themselves into their field, making any sales can be quite tough. In this case, companies might want to affiliate with coupon sites and sell their products at a discounted rate.

While this may seem like a loss at first, initially selling products at a lower rate will cause an influx of new customers that can jump up your company in its sales. 

Review Sites 

For most companies that cater to a more expensive niche, chances are that their buyers will look more into it before actually buying it. In this case, companies are advised to refer their products to review sites.

This way, while reviewing their product they also see an ad for the same product or service. Companies usually reach out to these bloggers who have recently written on their service asking them to form an affiliate link. 

How Do Affiliates Make Money?

Affiliates get the links that show them the number of clicks they get. These can also be tracked (by use of cookies). These links then track referrals to see if a purchase is made from the host company’s site. 

If your referral does purchase a limited amount of time then that’s when you get your commission.

Still not convinced? Click on the link to know more about how affiliates make money and how to find the right sites to do so. 

Final Word 

Now that you have looked into all the different kinds of affiliate niches and the top commissioned programs. It’s time to delve into the world of affiliate and earn your first commission. 

From making your first commission to making your tenth, you can’t ever know enough about the deep semantics of outsourced marketing. 

Especially with how advanced technology has gotten, marketing has never been the same ever since the breakthrough of outsourcing. 

The Marketing Model

So after looking into every label of affiliate programs and the different types of servers in each, let’s come back to our main question. What are the highest-paying affiliate programs? 

Well, the list can be as long or short as you like given the hundreds of thousands of different affiliate programs. If we were to shortlist them into 7 major ones, however, range from Fiverr to GreenGeeks and ones like Bluehost. 

So, what’s keeping you from earning your first commission? Don’t wait any longer and dive into the wonderful waves of affiliate marketing. 

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