Step-by-Step: How to Start a Mobile Billboard Business for Money

A mobile billboard business is a form of advertising on wheels that makes money by renting/selling ad spaces on a truck that travels around town, broadcasting your message to vehicles, pedestrians, and residents of neighboring buildings.

Here’s how you can start a mobile board business:

  1. Map Out Your Business Plan
  2. Register Your Billboard Advertising Company 
  3. Taking Care of the Mobile Billboard Equipment
  4. Promote and Grow Your Business 
  5. Assemble Your Team

It is one of the most lucrative transportation businesses but it’s not as simple as it looks.

It requires a lot of work but it isn’t impossible. I’d ask you to follow my step-by-step guide to get your mobile billboard business up and running. 

What is a Mobile Billboard Business?

The mobile billboard advertising business uses moving vehicles to promote products to a wide range of public while constantly moving from location to location, making money by selling out ad spaces. It is a modern way of advertising which has outdone the static billboards you would normally see.

They are mostly on the move but they can sometimes be positioned at the sights of major events or busy intersections. They are used to inform the public of the products and services of different businesses. 

These mobile billboards best fit the vibe and mood of the location they’re situated in. This advertising lets the businesses reach the people on the street without being dependent on any consumer activity.

It is just out there in the open for anyone to see while walking, traveling, or waiting in the city traffic. In a market full of business giants who rely on advertising their business to keep climbing the market, over there mobile billboard businesses have come to life.

Recent research has also found mobile billboard advertising to be more effective than traditional billboard advertising

How Much Money Does a Mobile Billboard Business Make?

A mobile billboard truck with a static print makes around $300 to $800 per truck for 8 hours depending on the advertising city and billboard size. The net profit depends on your business operations such as what kind of vehicles you own and your business expenses.

Here are the average prices that mobile billboard trucks charge their clients.

Billboard TypeBillboard SizeDaily Revenue
Trailer Mobile Billboard14-18′ Width x 9-10′ Height$300 — $600
Truck Mobile Billboard20-23′ Width x 10′ Height$400 — $800
Scrolling Mobile Billboard10′ Width x 6′ Height$400 — $700

A mobile billboard truck with a digital, LED, or Video charges around $850 to $2,000 per truck for 8 hours.

You can upsell your services as a mobile billboard business by offering add-ons such as:

  • Billboard printing ($300 to $500 per print)
  • Scent marketing ($70 to $200 per day)
  • Sound marketing ($25 to $60 per day)
  • Viewer tracking ($70 to $150 per 1000 customers)

This is just an average range of earnings you can make as a billboard owner. However, if you own a billboard business in rich states such as California or New York, you’ll obviously earn way more than these ranges.

Types of Mobile Billboards

Here are the 4 types of mobile billboards that are popular in the US.

Mobile BillboardsAttributes
Trailer billboardsThey are super-duper thin billboards that are attached to the back of a truck or pickup vehicle. They have ample room on either side of the billboard for various ads because they have two sides.
Vehicle wrapsSmaller vehicles tend to have vehicle wraps, in which the advertisement is printed on a vinyl sheet and pasted or sprayed directly onto the vehicle.
Truck advertisingThis is posting an advertisement on two or three sides of a truck that transports commodities. The advertisements are frequently printed on vinyl and glued to the truck.
Digital Mobile Billboard AdvertisingThis type of mobile advertising displays digital ads on LED panels installed on either side of a vehicle. 

How Much Does a Mobile Billboard Truck Cost?

A brand new billboard truck with LED billboard sides would cost you around $122,500. Meanwhile, a static mobile billboard truck would be around $24,000 or more. The more vehicles you have, the bigger the storage facility you will have to purchase.

The cost of these mobile billboard trucks depends on their build and their features, the LED ones cost higher than the normal traditional mobile billboard trucks. 

Here are some features you would like to have in your mobile billboard truck:

  • Good quality framing
  • Bright LED screens for smaller pixels
  • A working generator
  • Freshly painted truck body

You can choose the truck according to the form of mobile billboard advertising you are going for. I’d say look up your desired mobile billboard trucks and their prices on these websites:

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How To Start a Mobile Billboard Advertising Business – Step By Step Guide

Even though anyone can start a mobile billboard advertising business if they have the means for it but to make it easier for you I have broken it down into 5 steps. 

Here is a step-by-step procedure to start your own mobile billboard advertising business.

Step #1: Map Out Your Business Plan

Before stepping into the world of mobile billboard advertising, you need to map out your game plan to make the cut. The more effort you pour into researching for your company, the smoother the implementation will be. 

A smart and structured business plan will act as a guide, as well as attract clients for your company.

A well-designed business plan would include your company’s mission, vision, objective, marketing strategy, and expansion planning.

You may also talk about your financial analysis, which should include the cost of starting your company as well as the cost to keep it running. Other than that, you can add the profit logistics to that as well.  

Step #2: Register Your Billboard Advertising Company 

Corporate ID and Registration

Initiating a billboard business company requires a brand image. You want to give your company a catchy and creative name that attracts all kinds of customers as well as a trendy logo to represent it. 

Make sure that your chosen business name is not taken already to avoid copyright charges in the longer run.

To further prevent such accidents, you can check if the name has a trademark registration on your country’s website.

For instance, in the United States, the website is called “”.

After carefully planning your company’s brand image, the next important task is to get it registered. There are different options of business structures that you can choose to register your company: 

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability company (LLC)

Taxes, Licenses, and Insurance

To be able to operate a business, you need to go through some laws and legal work first. Every country has different rules for its businesses, such as tax implementation and licenses.

I would suggest you involve a professional lawyer in filing tax returns to ensure these issues are dealt with smoothly.   

In some countries, mobile billboard advertising truck drivers even require a special permit to drive around the city and advertise. Being mindful of these from the beginning can help prevent unknowingly committing crimes and having to pay hefty fines. 

Moreover, I would also suggest getting your company insurance to further be on the safer side. Include your trucks in the insurance too just in case a natural calamity damages your truck.

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Step #3: Taking Care of the Mobile Billboard Equipment

The first thing to consider is your target location. Some areas implement strict truck laws such as height restrictions and “no zones” of a truck which may cause difficulty in advertising properly. 

If your target location is, for example, a residential or commercial area then you may opt for a small to a medium-sized vehicle such as a digital mobile billboard, trailer billboard, or a vehicle wrap to prevent disruption.

To provide your clients with a variety of services to choose from, you may go for the digital panel type trucks that have different displays such as continuously altering electronic ads or advanced video loop billboards. 

One may even get their hands on the newly launched flatbed trucks with LED screens that can raise electronic ads 20 feet above for more exposure. Another factor to keep in mind is your initial funds. 

Before your company takes off, you need to make your investment count.

Whilst the accidental and natural disaster damages will be covered in the vehicle’s insurance, you still need to do frequent maintenance checks to keep your mobile billboard vehicles in good shape and keep up your reputation. 

Step #4: Promote and Grow Your Business 

The next crucial phase in your journey is the promotion and expansion of your business. The better you market your services to your potential clients, the more handsome your profit will turn out. 

Start by giving your company an online presence via a website. The website should show a client all the necessary information such as your portfolio, all locations, sizes, and deals you offer that they can acquire to book their services.

Another useful tip to grow your mobile billboard business would be to introduce loyalty programs so brands keep coming back and your company gains long-term clients.

To further advertise your company, you may also book online ads.

In this digital era, online ads are sure to get you a good amount of exposure to future customers. Be sure to put your correct contact information so interested people can get in touch with you.

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Step #5: Assemble Your Team

The last step in starting your billboard business journey is to build a team. Recruiting the right people for the job is essential as they all join forces and work together for the same goal.

Having a team lessens the burden on a single person and hence, increases efficiency.

You will need to hire:

  • Licensed drivers to drive your vehicles
  • Managers to look after everything in the office
  • Customer service to help customers
  • Monitoring team to record everyday progress and report problems when they surface

After your company takes off, you could hire more people to assist you. When hiring your team, you will want to interview each candidate according to the position they are applying for.

For example, for a driver, you’ll want to hire someone with enough experience driving big vehicles such as trucks or trailers. Make sure every person you recruit is qualified and perfect for their assigned position. 

Tips for Starting a Mobile Billboard Business

Here are some of the tips you need to follow to streamline your business to increase its profitability.

  • Plan how much you will need to spend on fuel since the mobile billboard’s main purpose is to be on the move constantly.
  • Install a GPS tracking system in your vehicles to keep track of them. This will also allow your client to monitor the routes of their hired mobile billboard and their current position.
  • The most important tip is to research the advertising industry. This will help you make effective decisions and ensure your success.
  • As a mobile billboard business owner, you must keep track of your city’s busy areas, traffic patterns, and the number of rush hours in a day.
  • You can charge your client based on the routes, the number of hours, and fuel. Additional charges can also be charged from clients for some features such as lighting, a GPS tracker, and music.

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Advantages of Starting a Mobile Billboard Business

Mobile billboard advertising is a growing industry where the advertisement is prone to reach a vast public audience.

Businesses constantly move towards new and innovative means of promoting their products and leaving the old and traditional forms of advertising behind.

Here are some potential benefits of starting your own mobile billboard advertising business.

Low Capital

One might think starting a mobile billboard business is expensive and requires a lot of capital. But slow and steady wins the race.

You can either buy a used billboard truck or even rent one for starting your business.

Once the business is on the run and steady, you can easily expand it. No need to spend on a large scale all at once.


Mobile billboard advertisements let businesses reach as many consumers as possible which they couldn’t reach with static billboards.

Businesses are willing to turn towards mobile billboard advertisements because of their highly targeted traffic routes and large eye visibility. 

Simple to Manage

You can run your business while you’re at home which makes it easier for you to manage your work life and personal life.

You can easily monitor your mobile billboard trucks through the GPS tracking system and the rest will be done by the drivers you have hired. 

Passive Income

Owning a business where you can relax while it generates income for you? A big yes!

You can hire drivers from another company to drive your mobile billboard trucks and make passive income from the trucks. Since you’ll be outsourcing drivers from a company, they will be trained and professional at their job.

Final Thoughts

We know that mobile billboards have revolutionized the advertising industry with their attention-grabbing visuals and effective results. Moreover, they are also a nice source of income. 

If you have made it this far, it seems to me that you’ve learned how to start a mobile billboard business. I hope after going through all these steps and useful tips you have a sound understanding of what it takes to get a mobile billboard business up and running. 

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