Easy Passive Income Ideas for 2023

Creating a passive income is a great source of supplementary income for many people and it does not seem that this way of earning will go away any time soon. The possibilities of creating passive income are just growing year by year. And although passive income does not mean that you do not need to work for your earnings, it is a way to get yourself to being financially independent, save for early retirements and get a bit more safety and security by having multiple streams of income.

More descriptive word for “passive income” is “asynchronous income”. You make money asynchronously to the time of your work. So do not expect that you will get anything with exactly zero work, you always need to put in at least a bit your time and effort. 

You need to be active to create a passive income.

Here are my passive income ideas with crypto


#1 Affiliate marketing

To be involved in affiliate marketing is not as passive as many people think. There are several ways you can do it, the website seems to be still the most popular one, closely followed by YouTube.

If you have more time right now, it is a great idea to invest it in creating your website. Talk about your daily life-products, things that you use every day. Take pictures of those products and write truthful reviews.

Be honest and only rate products that you are really using!

With a review written, insert links to the products for people who would like to buy them. Sign up for an affiliate program on the seller’s website. If your readers click on your link and purchase products, you will be getting commissions from these sales.

You can earn anywhere from 1% to 25% commission per sale. Amazon is the most used, because they have the biggest conversion rate – the biggest number of readers of your article will buy a product from Amazon. On the other hand, commissions there are quite low.

Although Amazon works well for many people, there are other websites that offer higher commission and might work better for you. Try to see if Etsy, eBay, Bluehost, Teachable, Shopify or anything else has products you are reviewing and could bring you higher commissions.

#2 Ads on the website

To successfully run ads on the website you need visitors. And that is it! Yes, and some of the ads services. Think about what your content is – there are topics that are not very desirable for advertisers, such as gambling or alcohol. If you are writing information for students or generally your audience is not spending money, ads revenue will be also lower.


The advantage of running ads on the website rather than links for affiliate marketing is that the links are changing. You need to spend time and control them regularly, but ads to do really require your time to be maintained. They are going to run automatically, you just need to focus on getting visitors on your website. 

Well-known ads network companies are Google AdSense, Media.net or Infolinks.

Combine affiliate links and ads to maximize profits from your website. 

#3 Patreon

Often overlooked option of making an income online is Patreon service. When you sign up on the Patreon website, you get a profile and you can start selling content or different digital products/memberships. It requires work, but is great for those of you who want to sell specific content in the form of advice, but not only that. Different documents, know-how, unique knowledge that you have – you can upload all those materials and make money.

The big downside of the Patreon is that you need a pre-existing audience. It is important to create a community if you want to start a Patreon program successfully.

#4 Teachable

In this point I think is worth mentioning Teachable and similar software that can replace Patreon. Teachable allows you to create a course for your audience, so it is a great way to share knowledge and “How to…” courses.

#5 Podcasting & YouTube

These are in the same category because they have a lot in common. Anyway, there are still few differences. YouTube gives you much higher revenue from thousand viewers and will help you get an audience by recommending your content. At the beginning it is a bit of a struggle to get through and be seen, but once you get over this phase your audience should snowball.

Podcasts are easier for many people since you do not show your face on camera, but it is much more difficult to get listeners. You need to promote your podcast, use your other channels to attract an audience.

#6 Real Estate

Real estate market is a well-known and popular investment. The problem is that if you buy apartments and houses to rent, you do not have easy access to your investment. To be a landlord is not a passive job, or at least it was not a passive job for me. You also need to count on continuous investment of your money into the property you bought for necessary repairs.

#7 Dividend investments

Investing into dividends can provide you certain earnings each month. It is not as risky as the stock market, which is difficult to predict. Choose companies that are stable and solid. Invest your time into research before buying dividends.

#8 Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending is a relatively new concept, so be careful about that. It is getting increasingly popular. You can get up to 8% return on your investment. The concept is fairly simple, you borrow your money through the platform to different companies. So if the company needs to take a loan, it takes it from you and many other people instead of taking loan from a bank. If a company needs 100 000$ for new machines, you can be one of the people that will lend, let’s say 10 000$. 10 other people will do the same and the company now has money it needs and you get your loan rates income.

Popular lenders are for example Peerform, LendingClub, Upstart, Prosper, Payoff. These companies exist for a longer time and have good reviews.

Be careful about what lenders you choose to work with!


REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust and investing in this might remind you of buying dividends. Because it is, basically, about buying dividends. You are investing into the company that invests into properties. Most of the income comes into the company from rents, and that is the main source of income for you. Except, you do not need to worry about being a landlord. It is fairly reliable, easy to buy and easy to sell investment. On the downside, the growth of these companies is low as most of the money is paid back to investors.

#10 Buying part of a business

I do not mean investing into the stock market and buying shares. What I mean is you can buy part of the company before it is even listed on a stock market. Obviously, this requires the biggest amount of capital. But provides more options. If you have been running your own business for a while, you can use your knowledge and help other businesses to grow. This just brings a lot of satisfaction and meaning, suddenly your investment is not only about money. At the same time it is different from owning and growing your own company from scratch, you can easily take days off as you like.

#11 Paying off your debts

This investment, that does not look like a passive income idea at all, was the biggest life-changer for me. When you pay off your debts, you make yourself free. You can take any job you want to, you can decide freely what to do with your time.

But how can you make money from paying off your own debts? You make money in the long term. Let’s say you have a credit card debt with 5% interest. You use your money and invest them into paying off this debt. And you save yourself 5% you would pay in the future as an interest. Suddenly you actually made 5% return on your money. It is the most secure return on your money that you can get!

Pay off your own debts before you invest money in anything else.

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