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“Vision without action is a daydream”.

Successful people have a motto to live by, and the aforementioned Japanese proverb is the motto of numerous established personnel.

Inspirational mottos can get us through our most challenging moments. Thinking about them often helps put things in perspective and enables you to take charge of your life!

Living by a motto and sticking to it wholeheartedly is perhaps the only barrier between you and greatness.

So, here’s a list of the top 30 mottos that many affluent people live by, and now’s your chance to hop onto the bandwagon for good!

#1 Accept Yourself For Who You Are

We all have this certain image of who we should be and who we wish to be, and between finding those, we actually lose sight of who we are.

Start finding the real you and accepting yourself for who you are — flaws and good qualities alike.

Ignoring who you actually are and pursuing something unreal cannot possibly have a positive output. Accept who you are, and then let others accept you for who you are, and things will get much simpler for you.

#2 Work Hard To Achieve Your Goals

We all have goals, and we need to work hard to achieve them. Everything that matters enough to you requires hard work. Making goals is not difficult. Putting in the hard work to achieve them is.

Initiate the good work yourself and see how the tables turn in your favor. Don’t find shortcuts to hard work because they will only bring temporary satisfaction.

Work hard to achieve your goals to become the best version of yourself.

#3 Be Kind And Compassionate

Being kind and compassionate should be inculcated in personalities from a very early age. Kindness and compassion are virtues that make you a better and more caring human being.

Allow yourself the room to be kind and compassionate and let your light shine.

#4 Take Something Away From Your Experiences

Experiences, good or bad, always end up teaching us a thing or two. While we all go through these experiences, what really defines us is what we choose to learn from them.

Learning from your experiences is of much value and will be helpful to you in your life. Always take something away from your experiences and try not to repeat the same mistakes again.

#5 Lend Empathy To Those Who Actually Deserve it

We need to understand that there is a limit to empathy. There is a limit to lending empathy, after which lending empathy becomes possible only at the expense of self-respect.

You need to draw the line for your empathy and give it to people who deserve it. You have limited mental energy. It is necessary to ensure that you’re spending it on the right kind of people.

#6 Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

You shouldn’t be afraid to explore anything. Explore what you enjoy doing and figure out a career in that. Explore what you don’t enjoy doing and see if that is something you even have to keep on doing.

Just don’t bound yourself to avoid the results that may not be ideal for you.

But what if it turns out to be a bad experience for you? You’ll never know until you try to find out.

#7 Failures Lead You To Success

No one had success handed to them on a silver platter. Everyone has to strive to become successful. You learn more from your failures than your success.

While your hopes come plummeting down after each failure, to be able to carry the courage to pick yourself up and try again truly speaks volumes about you.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try again.

#8 Think Outside The Box

Thinking outside the box means to think something from a different perspective than the conventional one. Why is that helpful? People who think outside the box always come up with ideas that no one thought of.

These ideas can be truly revolutionary, and even if they aren’t, you end up discovering that you can do that. Just try to embrace your unique ideas, and hopefully, all will be well.

#9 Break The Barriers You’ve Built Around You

Often the only factor limiting you from truly soaring to heights is yourself.

You have made these boundaries and walls around you that you’re so afraid to break down because people might see the real you and find out that they don’t like you.

People come and go. You’ll find new ones. No big deal there.

Limiting yourself by building these walls around you is very unhealthy. Bring forth some courage and start breaking these walls, one at a time.

#10 Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is where you are relaxed, and nothing seems to bother you. This is not a healthy zone, and no one should get used to it.

Real learning begins when you step out of it and explore something new. Life has so much to offer once you step out of your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone is not an easy task, but it has so much to offer that the struggle required doesn’t even come close in comparison.

#11 Honesty Is The Best Policy

Being honest really makes people trust you in times of distress. When you represent honesty as your best policy, you will get the results in one way or the other.

 You should actively try to work on developing complete honesty not only in your professional life but in your personal life as well.

#12 We Are All A Work In Progress

We are all a work in progress. We will make mistakes, we will fail, we will learn, and we will grow. No one is perfect, and all of us have to work on ourselves as we’re growing up.

Figure out which parts you would like to work on and the best way to go about it.

#13 It’s Not What You Look At That Matters. It’s What You See

When you’re looking at the problem and don’t find a solution, that’s when you should start seeing it from a different perspective.

While others might just bring problems over difficulties, what you can choose to see is a solution to them.

Instead of looking at what others are looking at, start seeing something valuable that would make you stand out. This applies to all of your life situations, and it is a very helpful tidbit indeed.

#14 Believe In Yourself

Self-doubting is natural. All of us doubt ourselves and our capabilities in times that call for us to stand up for ourselves.

 Start believing in yourself, and know that you are more than capable of what you think you are capable of. To let others believe in you, you need to start first doing it yourself.

#15 Tomorrow Is Another Day

Many days have us feeling down. These are days when your hopes and energy come crashing down, and you just want to get away from all of this.

It is important to remember what it is: just a day.

There is always tomorrow to look forward to, to pick yourself up and try again. Tomorrow brings a new day to make efforts and promises to yourself. The sun will rise again, and so should you.

#16 Breath In Courage, Breath Out Fear

Courage and fear go hand in hand. What’s important is that you find a balance between the two. Overcoming your fears is something you should actively strive to do.

 Be courageous enough to face difficult situations and acknowledge that fear, too, if you’re feeling it. Rise above it, and do better.

#17 Be The Change You Wish To See In This World

The change starts with you. Instead of just wishing that the world suddenly changes, you should start by changing yourself.

Start being the change you wish to see in this world because that is the only way people will follow you and change themselves. Be the light to follow instead of just being a follower. It all starts with you.

#18 Remember Your Why

Always remember why you started pursuing this in the first place. Life often gets complicated, and you start losing motivation.

When encountering such moments, think about why you started pursuing something in the first place and make that a source of motivation for yourself.

Find those reasons when life has you down. You’ll feel motivated again.

#19 Nothing Is Impossible. Even The Word Itself Says, “I’m Possible”

A very cliche statement indeed, but it works. If you truly set out to achieve something and give it your all, you will succeed.

Impossible seems, well, impossible, but you can pursue it by genuinely investing yourself in the entire process.

Your efforts don’t ever go to waste, and if you don’t end up achieving the impossible, you will end up learning something.

#20 Never Stop Believing That Good Things Are Coming

Life is so hard. Believing that good things are coming is a great source of motivation, and I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t actually happen.

Good things take time, and you should believe so when you’re looking forward to them.

#21 When You Can’t Find The Sunshine, Be The Sunshine

Life presents us with opportunities where we don’t have a support system or a source of happiness for ourselves.

Learn to be content with yourself and be the source of sunshine for other people.

When things get complicated, remember to hold your head up high and shine as brightly as you can because those are the moments that define you.

#22 A life Spent Helping Others Is A Life Filled With Purpose

Helping others is the greatest virtue you can possess. Look for ways you can be helpful to people. Help someone cross a road, help someone become better at something, or just help them in any way you can. A life spent helping others is a purposeful life, and you can never feel unmotivated to do that.

#23 When You Know Better, Do Better

When you know better, do better. As you’re growing up, you’re learning various things from life, and when you know better, you should do better.

Do better by doing something with the learnings you now possess. Actively become a better version of yourself, a more content, a sufficient one.

#24 Vision Without Action Is Just A Daydream

There are always many talkers but only a few doers. You can talk all day about a problem and its effects on your life and the life of the masses, but what differentiates you from the talkers is that you do something about it instead of just talking.

Vision without action is a daydream because you’re just thinking about it instead of doing something about it. Make it your goal: fewer words, more action.

#25 With Every Step, You Get Closer To Your Goal

You made a goal to pursue in your life. With each passing day that you work to achieve that goal, you get a step closer to it — Realize that.

No day is a waste if you do even a little bit of something that brings you nearer to your goal. Keep working hard every day, and you will get appreciable results.

#26 Live Your Life To The Fullest

What we usually like to do is wait for the perfect moments to live our life or enjoy it, but what we fail to realize is that no moment is excellent, and losing your present in the hope of an ideal future is not very smart.

Start enjoying your life and live it to the fullest. Living life to the fullest can represent different things for different people. Think about what it means for you.

#27 Stand Steadfast In The Face Of A Challenge

Challenges can be scary. You often feel motivated to go through those challenges, but it is also important to acknowledge the fear you might have regarding them.

Standing steadfast in the face of challenges is remarkable. These challenges build you instead of breaking you, so start facing them head-on and see where they take you.

#28 There Is Always Something To Be Grateful For

We are so invested in pursuing what we don’t have that we don’t realize the innumerable things that we do have.

Look around you, and you will find so many things to be grateful for, so many things that other people might not possess.

Learn to be grateful and content with what you have. That does not mean that you shouldn’t pursue other things, but it just implies that life isn’t as bad as you might think it to be.

#29 Be Someone’s Inspiration

Inspire someone. This is a great capability, and everyone does not possess it. Become the reason for someone to pursue something.

The happiness and satisfaction that you would feel are unimaginable. Be a good person with high morals and clear goals, and you will see this happening very soon.

#30 Never Dim Someone Else’s Light So You Can Shine

We are humans, and jealousy is a valid emotion that we can sometimes feel — Don’t let it take over you.

Don’t be ever so possessed by it that you actually steal someone else’s spotlight just so that you can shine.

Make your own light and then shine as much as you want in it. Be brave enough to do that and have a life filled with purpose and contentment.

The Final Verdict

These mottos can assist you in getting going in your life in pursuit of your goals. These words have the strength and ability to change your life, and that is what makes mottos so special.

A lot of these might seem very magical and unrealistic, but trust us, they have proven to be supportive to countless people.

Start living by these mottos to achieve something truly fabulous in this world and make a name for yourself. In the end, it all comes to that, doesn’t it?

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