Top 10 High Paying Jobs In Finance With NO Experience At All

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The incredibly vast niche of finance does not close its doors to anyone. Not to the lesser educated and not to the start-ups in the industry, either. It’s a very accommodating field and that is one of the main reasons why finding a finance-related job is difficult but not impossible!

Here’s a list of the top 10 high-paying jobs with no experience:

  1. Junior Tax Associate
  2. Personal Financial Advisor
  3. Customer Service Specialist
  4. Administrative Assistant
  5. Sales Representative
  6. Claims Adjuster
  7. Promotions Assistant
  8. Loan Interviewers
  9. Insurance Underwriter
  10. Credit Analyst

Stay tuned as I discuss each of these in detail. 

#1 Junior Tax Associate 

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Junior tax associates assist tax associates to maintain an institution’s accounting department; preparing tax filings and looking at the overall tax expense.

Anything that has some sort of remote connection with tax or its filing is automatically a tax associate’s job. 

They also help clients with their day-to-day accounting queries. 

The basic priorities of any tax, or junior tax associate, have been reviewing tax filings, and tax returns and making sure all filings are submitted before the deadline.

This is to help people and organizations avoid a tax felon, even by mistake. 

Responsibilities of a Junior Tax Associate 

As a junior tax associate, you may work for individual clients or an organization as a whole. This is, of course, entirely dependent on your JD. Aside from this, you also fill out tax files (only during tax season).

Since this is a very technical stream, being mindful of the littlest of details is a tax associate’s biggest trait. A thorough understanding of database and excel formats and impeccable organizational skills is a must. 

Like every good associate, and anyone passionate about their occupation, confidentiality and being quick on your feet can lead you to the top.  

What Does It Pay? 

Considering you have zero experience, as a junior tax associate, you can earn up to an average of $47,136/annum. 

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#2 Personal Financial Advisor

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐

A personal financial advisor is a  highly calculated person who helps or “advises” through the tiny details before you make a financial decision.

They tell you what you should do with your money, where to make investments, and most importantly, how to budget effectively. 

They even assist clients in making both short and long-term decisions like saving for education, investing in real estate, etc. They help make all kinds of financial decisions after analyzing the finances in hand and in the bank. 

If you have a maths degree, you can pursue this career as well.

Main Role Of a Financial Advisor 

At the surface level, financial advisors certainly do look after the chunky bits of their client’s transactions. When looked at deeper, there is so much more which goes into play. 

Aside from the routine budget check, they also pitch in from time to time asking for any new investments or just re-evaluating their current position. 

You don’t need to be wealthy or have million-dollar goals to benefit from advisors. Even if you want to save enough to send your kid to a private college, hiring a financial advisor would be a good solution. 

What Does It Pay? 

As a startup advisor, you can earn up to $59,450/year. This is highly dependent on the state you’re working in. The highest-paid advisors are in the Big Apple, New York. While the least paid workers reside in North Carolina. 

#3 Customer Service Specialist 

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A committed customer service specialist is someone who provides support to customers. They “assist” them as the title claims.

Their main job is resolving any customer’s disparities and guiding them on their item of purchase. 

Their exact role, however, does depend on the kind and size of the organization they work with. A larger organization such as Walmart for example has more on its plate than your average small business.

Now, these people are employed by a wide range of companies. Every service or product selling company has some sort of mishap or customer concerns that need to be tended to.

In this case, the customer service team buckles up.  

This job is also perfect for college students who need a side hustle along with their studies.

What Does a Customer Service Specialist Do?

As I said, their job description does depend on the size of the company. If there are more areas to handle, then that’s an added priority you have. 

At a more macro level, customer services do, of course, answer any query-related calls from their customers; formulate solutions for them and help them with billing issues. This is just the common aspect almost every company takes on. 

Aside from this, they are also responsible for creating a positive customer and seller relationship ensuring that the customer returns to them once more. 

What Does It Pay? 

For such a demanding job, these people sure do get paid well. The average salary of a customer service specialist ranges at $37,773/annum. 

#4 Administrative Assistant

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Administrative assistants carry out everyday clerical tasks while also being the glue that keeps a company’s accounts department sane.

They take the role of an untitled team leader and take care of the administrative issues in a company.

Without an administrative assistant to help out, you can expect the workplace to be in shambles. They’re amongst the organization’s top employees and seeing the evidence, I completely agree. 

What Do They Do? 

They mainly organize files, draft different kinds of messages, schedule appointments, and so on. It’s all the little nick-nacks that they take care of. 

These assistants also use different technical software and manage databases, keeping all information soundly in one place. Most companies’ administrative assistants also negotiate with vendors and even manage stockrooms. 

What Does It Pay? 

 The job is pretty demanding, but what makes it all worth it is the salary. An average assistant can make up to $40,420 in a year. 

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#5 Sales Representative 

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A sales rep is pretty straightforward with what they do. To start, they help sell their company’s product or service, representing their brand. 

Aside from this they also manage any customer concerns, acting as the face of the company and addressing all sales queries.

This is a very performance-driven career, that is to say, the better you perform in your area the higher you can go. 

Since you’re someone who directly contacts the customers from day one, there’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulder. Mainly to uphold a positive brand image. A sales rep also finds warm leads. Bringing new customers into the company’s loyalty list. 

Duties of a Sales Representative 

As I mentioned before, a sales rep’s job is pretty diverse but not limited. As a general overview, here are some of the few duties a sales representative has to fulfill. 

  1. Firstly they need to sell their company’s product/service by scouting for new customers. This can be done by giving them ultimatums and impressive discounts. Sometimes they even give demos of their product. 
  2. Contacting potential leads through various platforms (social media, brochures, and the works). 
  3. They partake in negotiations with customers and make sure to satisfy both the company and the customer. 
  4. Handling deliveries so customers have a smooth and quick delivery; thus increasing their chances of coming back again. 
  5. They sit in company meetings alongside sales managers and discuss marketing techniques, a recap of their progress, and much more. 

These are just the basics of what a sales rep is required to do. As I mentioned before, their tasks keep changing depending on the organization, so really, it could be a lot more or less than what I mentioned above. 

What Does It Pay? 

You’d be thrilled to find out that sales representatives can make up to $60,704/annum on commission. They could of course make more if they get more sales. 

#6 Claims Adjuster 

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐

A claims adjuster reviews each case with zero bias. They interview the claimant, speak with any nearby witnesses and check paperwork evidence.

All this is done to accept the insurance request the claimant made.

If you are ever in need of insurance because a tree fell on your house, or because you broke your left leg then a claims adjuster is your guy. 

They mainly verify insurance claims and come up with a fair amount to settle the issue. Once they’ve found sufficient evidence, only then can they hand out the insurance amount.  

What Do They Do? 

A claims adjuster’s work is quite specific. There isn’t much diversity in their tasks and responsibilities however, even within their narrow spectrum comes a lot of detail. 

Firstly they measure the extent of damage, investigate insurance claims, and determine the extent of the company’s liability. They also handle property claims.

These people can either be affiliated with certain companies or they can work on their own, too. 

I think one of the good things about this job is that it’s a very in-demand job. Rain or shine, you will always need insurance; even in times of recession. So you don’t have to worry about going out of business any time soon. 

What Does It Pay? 

Since this is a highly demanding job, claims adjusters can make within a range of $40,000-$100,000/year. These figures do depend on experience. 

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#7 Promotions Assistant

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐

A promotions Assistant’s job is all about marketing and spreading the wings of your brand across platforms. Their main aim is to create an uproar around the brand name. 

These are also most commonly known as marketing assistants, seeing as they usually belong to the marketing department. These assistants keep an eye on the industry and record every remote action. 

Since even the slightest change can affect their brand a lot, managing old and new trends is a task they need to be very particular about. Since this is a pretty fast-paced job, any pauses can affect you and your job dearly.  

Ideally, companies look for flexible multitaskers to whom they can entrust this important task.

On a day-to-day basis, promotions assistants have to:

  • Create brochures
  • Answer calls
  • Draft reports
  • Handle promotions

What Does It Pay? 

In this fast-paced position, the baseline salary ranges at $45,547/annum. 

#8 Loan Interviewers

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Also known as loan processors, these people interview prospects in need of a loan and verify the other important client details before processing the loan application. 

These people perform background checks on their clients, to see a fraud-related past or anything which would cause them a denial in obtaining a loan.

This is the most arduous and important task they have. One wrong move and the client could end up in serious trouble.

For these exact reasons, banks (and individual lenders) look for someone who is quick on their feet, a fast thinker, and has superb organizational and communication skills.

All these skills would amalgamate into the perfect prospect for this sort of job. 

What Does It Pay? 

Loan Interviewers can earn up to $38,080/annum. 

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#9 Insurance Underwriter 

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The basic duty of an insurance underwriter is to fill out the insurance application with relevant details; they decide whether or not to accept the insurance claim and what the conditions of acceptance are. 

When you’re an insurance underwriter, you’ll have to take care of assessing whether a person deserves the insurance claim they made. 

These people come in everyday contact with claim adjusters, insurance brokers as well as risk managers. The technicality here is keeping the customer satisfied while also being able to cover up any loss from the claim. 

What Does It Pay? 

Currently, the annual income for insurance underwriters is $51,960/year. This figure can change depending on where you work. 

#10 Credit Analyst 

Level of Ease: ⭐⭐⭐

Credit analysts are external body people hired that perform a credit analysis on companies, the government, and municipalities.

The basic thing they look for is any debt that’s pending and measuring the entity’s ability to meet the debt obligations. 

To put it neatly, their job is to determine if a company can withhold the debt they are undertaking. This is done by cash flow analysis, ratios, and other financial techniques. 

What Does It Pay? 

Credit analysis performers can earn up to $63,146/annum. This is excluding any extra payments. 

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In a world where even a vendor requires experience, there still are a handful of jobs that can easily be done at entry levels.

You’d think these would usually just be small jobs but the stream of finance amazes us all, every time. 

The 10 positions I’ve talked about in this article are a great opportunity to kickstart your journey in the finance field and earn a handsome amount with it. 

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