TOP 10 » Easiest Freelance Jobs for Beginners (No Experience) 

Freelancing is all the talk of the town these days. Learning or polishing a skill you have and profiting off of it is probably everyone’s dream. Well, freelancers get to live it. Here are the easiest freelance jobs for beginners:

  1. Social Media Manager 
  2. Graphic Designer 
  3. Data Entry Clerk
  4. Tutor
  5. Content Writer 
  6. SEO Specialist
  7. Copywriter
  8. Virtual Assistant 
  9. Transcriber 
  10. Voiceover Artist

There are many jobs for freelancers who have only begun their careers in this world. Even if they have no experience, there are some skills that they can learn along the way.

It may take a little time to master those skills, but once you learn the ropes, it is a good path to follow. For beginners, it’s extra difficult. Since you’ve no platform or prior referral to work with, finding gigs can be tough. But, that’s what I’m here for.

In this article, I’ll be going through the top 10 easiest freelance jobs for beginners. Stay tuned!

#1 Social Media Manager 

Level of Ease: Very easy

The social media manager is the focal person managing the marketing platforms these days. You have TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and all the work.

Now for everyone on these apps, there needs to be an effective advertising plan so your product gains more traffic, and the social media manager does it all.

This is in no way a light task and so, companies have no option but to hire social media managers. This is where a social media expert assists businesses of all sizes and elevates their social presence. 

While this is already a pretty concentrating task, freelancers usually assist more than one company at a time. The basic ordeals a social media manager should be aware of are as follows: 

  • Social media strategy creation — here you’re required to outline how the marketing process will go. Making posts, tone of voice and the message you’re trying to give out should all be accounted for here.
  • Content calendar management — coming up with new posts, topics, edits, and ways to present your products across different platforms. 
  • Content creation — Graphics, reels, and TikTok all come into play here. 
  • Copywriting — twisting words to make multiple different perceptions of the same message to bring in sales.
  • Community management — This is where you check up on your posts, reply to queries and spark engagement with your clients. 

While so much goes into managing one company’s platforms, social media managers need to be agile, flexible, and quick on their feet. 

How Much It Pays? 

Well, any social media manager can make around $35,000/year. Once you slowly progress your way into the niche, you can earn a staple $82,000/year. 

Being a freelance social media manager is a pretty lucrative field and a few months of training can help you get started.

#2 Graphic Designer 

Level of Ease: Moderately easy

To become a graphic designer, you don’t necessarily need to have a degree in designing. A few courses in designing can help you get started, you only need to have an aesthetic sense. 

Almost every other brand needs to have a presence on social media, so as a graphic designer you can help them with logos, social media graphics, and even design customized merchandise for them. 

I’d suggest you start with Canva and design some posts on your own to build a portfolio and then look them up on freelance websites like Fiverr, UpWork, Behance, etc to kickstart your journey as a freelance graphic designer.

How Much It Pays?

Freelance graphic designers who have only just begun their careers, make around $27,560/year.

As time passes by, you can always improve your rates and make more money as a freelance graphic designer.

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#3 Data Entry Clerk

Level of Ease: Easiest

This is by far the easiest freelance gig in the game. Of Course, it’s not a piece of cake, nothing is, but compared to the much more technical stuff this is a walk in the park.  

However, this is still a really important job since most companies need a set way of collecting their data. Even if it’s no longer in use, that information could still be valuable. 

A data entry clerk is someone who performs a variety of basic accounting, data entry, and collecting information. It’s an organizational job wherein you collect, categorize and enter your information.

The reports are collected, compiled, and stored in their database or other information collecting systems. This keeps clean storage for the files which can then be sought at any time. If you think this is just a corporate thing then you are wrong. 

Data entry is necessary for every mode of business. Medical clinics, finance, accounting, payroll, and even government offices. 

How Much It Pays?

Since this is a very over-simplified job, data entry clerks can make around $20,000/year.

This can, of course, be improved with time and advanced skills.

#4 Tutor

Level of Ease: Moderately easy

Tutors are teachers that teach you after school. I don’t even think I need to explain much about this. We’ve all heard of tutors. Some of us may even have had them during our school days. 

It isn’t as horrid as it sounds, tutors help students by giving private lessons in covering up their weak spots. This is an easy way to both earn money and help struggling kids. 

You can even work as a tutor during your college or university days, after your school/college hours, and tutor students younger than you in subjects that you have a strong grip over. This is a good way to make extra money.

English is one of the subjects that always stays in demand. Foreigners who want to grab good opportunities in the US need to learn English, people looking for promotions, etc need to learn good English. 

This is a golden opportunity for you to tutor those people and demand a good hourly wage to make a satisfying monthly income.

Here’s how much you should charge as a tutor.

How Much It Pays?

On average, a beginner freelance tutor earns up to $41,500 annually. 

For tutors, it mostly depends on whether they’re teaching one on one or with a few more kids. The rate they charge also depends on the subject they teach sometimes, as well as the classes they take. 

#5 Content Writer 

Level of Ease: Moderately easy

What a writer does is that they work with individual clients or companies, orchestrating social media content captions, articles, and web pages for them.

As a writer, you’ll majorly be working for site owners and publication companies.

This is the most saturated niche on the list. A lot of people opt for content writing since it’s something you can easily polish up. What they don’t know is that you must be exceptionally dedicated to scoring gigs. 

The major plus point content writers have is that they will have the ability to reign over their niche through flexible working time and just the right kinds of clients to work for.

In total, it’s a pretty lucrative way to make money and can even be treated as a full-time career.  

How Much It Pays?

For a niche, these saturated and diverse content writers make a range of different incomes. Some may make as little as $15/hour while others make $50/hour. The ratio lies between $30-$50. This totals up to $36,000/year.

#6 SEO Specialist

Level of ease: Moderately difficult

SEO specialists are hired to apply strategies and tactics with which they bring in traffic to blogs and web pages.

As a result, they make sure your content is on the top of the pages every time a query has your associated keyword in it.  

It’s most definitely not an easy task, managing the google search SEO requires immense effort. So what does an SEO Specialist do? 

Well, they manage your site by giving you more visibility on search engines. According to your keywords, SEO optimizers word your headings in a way where they end up on the top searches. 

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How Much It Pays?

Getting right down to the important bit, this niche can make you $30.5/hour. This means you can make almost $1210/month. This totals up to $41,500/year. 

#7 Copywriter

Level of ease: Difficult

Writing, or the art of communicating ideas, is one of the most basic skills in the English language. In fact, it is the foundation of every profession and skill that exists in our society.

Whether you’re a marketing expert, a business owner, or a writer, the ability to communicate is essential.

But, writing is not the only skill that you need to be a successful copywriter. You need to be able to research, write, edit, and produce creative content.

So a copywriter is someone who comes up with clear, concise copies for ads, social media posts, emails, etc to bring in sales. There are different audiences for copywriters, so they have to keep that in mind too.

There isn’t any certain education required for this, maybe a copywriting course at most. But they do need a knack for good writing ability; lateral thinking and coming up with high concept ideas.

How Much It Pays?

The average income for copywriters in the USA is $33.97/hourly rate. This totals up to $53,625/year. 

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#8 Virtual Assistant 

Level of Ease: Fairly difficult

Although this is not the easiest option, it is one of the most versatile. You can work from home, in coffee shops, or even while traveling. You can work on a fixed schedule or on an as-needed basis.

It’s a great option for those who have no experience in the industry and are looking to start their career in a field that allows them to work from home

Virtual assistants (VA) work from home assisting with administrative duties for clients. There’s a range of services to offer like handling emails, scheduling, and event monitoring on social media. 

There’s a range of organizational and tech-related skills involved which all amalgamate into this diverse position that is a VA. 

How Much It Pays?

For entry-level VAs with no prior background in the niche, you can expect to make around $15-$80 per hour. This depends on the client you work with and your expertise. The yearly figure totals up to $20,800.

#9 Transcriber 

Level of Ease: Very easy 

Transcribing is converting audio recordings into written text. Your responsibilities lie in listening to the audio multiple times and making sure no mistake is made.

As a transcriber, you have to write down the audio word-to-word as it is spoken.

This is a pretty straightforward job that doesn’t require advanced skills but does require much concentration.

The transcribed files are used for various research-based tasks, or for gathering minutes of interviews and zoom calls, etc.

How Much It Pays?

The mean annual salary transcribers make is $32,000

#10 Voiceover Artist

Level of Ease: Moderately easy

Voiceovers are pretty self-explanatory. It’s people who read texts of scripts for videos, cartoons, gaming, audiobooks, etc. These people pre-record their text which is then played across different places. 

Voices matter — They can make or break a TV show, radio show, commercial, movie, or any other audio production. Voiceover artists provide the sound for everything.

You don’t need to have any voiceover experience to get your foot in the door.

It’s a pretty easy job since you don’t need anything other than your voice. But hey, nothing is ever as easy as pie.

For a voiceover artist, you need to have a good voice, be able to pronounce the words properly, and speak with an accent or make up different voices.

How Much It Pays?

Hourly rates in the USA are $37. So they make around $18,390/year. However, you can earn more or less depending on your expertise and contacts. 

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How to Find Easy Freelance Jobs as a Beginner?

There are a lot of ways to find easy freelance jobs as a beginner. Here are some tips:

  1. Use online job boards and freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. These resources can help you find freelance work quickly and easily, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced freelancer.
  2. Check out classified ads websites like Craigslist or Kijiji to see if there’s any freelance work available in your area.
  3. Go through social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to see if anyone is hiring for specific types of projects or positions (for example, writing, web development, graphic design, etc.).
  4. Ask family and friends if they know of any freelance work opportunities. They may not be aware of them, but somebody probably knows someone who can help you out!
  5. Attend job fairs and meetups in your area that focus on freelancing or creative work (for example, the Canadian Freelancers Association or Creative Producers Guild).
  6. Start a blog and write about freelance opportunities you find so people who are looking for similar jobs can contact you directly.
  7. Use Indeed to search for positions selectively within specific industries (for example, web development, marketing, accounting, etc.).


Finally, that’s the end of the list. More skills are coming under the term freelancing.

The ones I chose are relatively easy and make quick money. So, I hope this article helped you clear out your doubts. 

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