Is It Harder To Make Money Now? The Surprising Answer

Today, most people live for the grind and push themselves to the point where they’re physically and mentally worn out. This is because they believe that making money is hard. But this shouldn’t be the case because we live in a new world where opportunities are literally at our fingertips.

It is not harder to make money now because there are fewer barriers today. We now have access to more platforms, influencers, online courses, personal finance books, and an array of money-making opportunities. Your mindset also determines whether you perceive making money to be hard or not.

This article will explore a detailed explanation of why it’s easier to make money today. It will also highlight factors that make it harder to make money and show you four tips to make it easier. 

Why It’s Easier To Make Money Now

Making money is easier because we live in the internet age. Previously, it was harder to make money because people didn’t have a choice but to remain in jobs that paid a minimum wage. 

However, today we can access online courses that give you a leg up in your profession, leading to higher pay. And we can quickly learn new skills that we can use to start a side hustle or online business.

Although making money is easy, you’ll still have to work hard to earn it.

There are no secret hacks to becoming rich overnight. And if there are, they’re probably underhanded ways you should avoid.

Making money is a long-term game and a habit you need to form.

That’s why so many aren’t making the money they want –they don’t want to put in the work and don’t want to develop new habits. And establishing any habit is difficult at first, from exercising, eating healthier, and quitting smoking, but it gets easier once you try.

The same applies to making money.

Yet, some might argue that making money has become competitive because we have access to so many platforms. And it has. More people are making money online today than there were 10 or 20 years ago. When competition increases, opportunities also increase. And there’s more than enough to go around for all of us.

Today, many people have a 9-5 and a side-hustle that rakes in cash monthly. Or you could be a corporate worker with a blog that brings in passive income every month.

Nothing is set in stone anymore. You don’t have to squeeze the life out of your college degree to earn a good income. You can easily learn a new monetizable skill online.

We just need to be brave, take risks, and try different things until we find what works for us. 

7 Factors That Make It Harder To Make Money

How hard it is to make money now depends on various factors. Let’s look at these in detail: 

  1. You spend more than you earn. If you don’t know how to manage your money, you’ll form a negative attitude about it. And you’ll start to believe that making money is tough. However, if you learn to delay gratification and control your spending habits, you’ll create a positive attitude about money and believe it’s easy to make.
  2. You lack self-confidence. You might think that you don’t deserve to earn money, and that’s why your subconscious thinks it’s harder to make. These are limiting beliefs, and you’ll need to break them if you want money to flow effortlessly into your life.
  3. You have a poor money mindset. Your attitude about money is negative. And this could be due to your childhood upbringing. For example, if your parents made it seem like money was hard to make, you’ll also carry that notion throughout life. But if you have a positive attitude and believe anything is possible, making money will be extremely easy.
  4. You are overwhelmed by the influx of information on the internet. As helpful as the internet is, there’s too much information available on making money. And this can be detrimental because it bombards you with so many options, leading you to believe it’s a challenge.
  5. You don’t want to learn anything new. You don’t have a growth mindset or are stuck in your old ways. However, only when you’re open to continuous learning will you discover new ideas and methods to make money.
  6. You’re impatient and want to see quick results. The difference between someone who complains about a lack of money and someone who is wealthy is that the latter is disciplined, consistent, and patient in their money-making efforts. Remember, it’s easy to make money because the methods are readily available. However, you’ll still need to work hard because nothing worth having comes easy.
  7. You plan too much and don’t take action. People spend too much time thinking about the different methods to make money rather than trying them out for themselves. There’s a fine line between planning a strategy and planning too much. When you plan too much, you procrastinate because making money looks like a mountain you’re forced to climb. 

4 Tips that Will Make It Easier for You to Make Money

Now that we’ve looked at the factors that make making money harder, let’s explore four tips to make it easier: 

#1 Look for Online Opportunities

Making money online has never been easier. There are many opportunities such as freelance writing, blogging, doing surveys in your spare time, being a virtual assistant, and many more.

You just need to research and try these different avenues to find out what works for you. And the best part about working online is the flexibility. You can do these activities while working at your 9-5, during a commute, or on the weekend.

#2 Overcome Your Self-Doubt

Making money will be a challenge if you doubt yourself. Once you can overcome this and start believing in your abilities, many doors open to you, and making money won’t seem so hard anymore. Indeed, many people are their own worst enemies in this regard. 

#3 Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

People think making money is a challenge because they’re afraid to step out of their comfort zones. For example, staying at a dead-end job that pays minimum wage is hard, but people are more comfortable because this situation is familiar.

It’s easier to stay in old cycles than step out of your comfort zone and explore new ways to make money. But making money becomes infinitely easier when you take risks and explore new avenues. 

#4 Monetize Your Passions

If you follow your passion instead of money, making money becomes effortless. It’s hard to make money in things you aren’t interested in. For example, it’s impossible to make money as a writer if you hate grammar or reading.

So, try to figure out what you’re interested in and if you can monetize them. Today, you can start a blog on almost any topic and generate passive income

Final Thoughts

We should consider ourselves fortunate that we are a part of the new era, where making money doesn’t have to be complicated. 

However, remember that making money doesn’t happen overnight, whether it’s online or in the workplace. You don’t get promoted on your first day, and you might not make your first dollar the first time you work online. Though remember, it’s only as hard as you make it.

The strategies to make more money are easily available; you just need to be courageous enough to act and patient to wait for results.

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