Best Background Music For Streamers With No Copyright

On Twitch, a well-known streaming platform, over 1 million streamers live on their channel daily. One major aspect is background music. Without background music, viewers are often discouraged from watching the stream for too long. But can you play copyrighted music on your Twitch streams?

You cannot play copyrighted music while streaming. It is illegal to use someone else’s work without their permission, and using copyrighted music without a grant is the same. To tackle this situation, streamers use royalty-free audio. This is audio that can be played without having any copyrights.

If you are looking for copyright-free music, I will help you out by giving you a list of sites you can get them from. Stick around to find out more about copyrights and royalty-free audio.

Let’s get started!

Copyright and Copyright Infringement

Copyrights are a set of rights given to the original producer of that content. They are in place for any type of content, including songs, videos, books, recipes, etc.

These rights entail the right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivate works, to display the work publicly, or distribute copies of the said work. They help protect content creators from becoming victims of content theft where others steal the original artist’s work and claim it to be theirs. 

Copyright infringement is the term used for when someone breaks copyright laws. It is the use or production of copyright-protected material without permission from the original author.

In simpler terms, it is the breach of copyright laws by a third party. This can lead to severe repercussions and the right to sue.

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Top 12 Sites With Copyright-Free Music For Streamers

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Various sites claim to give you copyright-free music, but it is better to do your research on which websites are authentic.

To save you the hassle, I have compiled a list of 12 websites that offer royalty-free audio which you can use in your streams without worrying about a copyright strike.

#1 EpidemicSound

EpidemicSound is a globally-recognized royalty-free music provider based in Stockholm, Sweden. Established in 2009, the website provides copyright-free music to add to your Instagram stories, YouTube videos, advertisements, and, best of all, Twitch streams!

You are first prompted towards their free trial to find out what the website has to offer. After the limited-time free trial expires, you will need to purchase an active subscription to further use the website’s services.

EpidemicSound’s license comes with all the necessary rights you need to play any background music without worry.

You can browse their extensive catalog with unlimited access to all the music and sound effects you need for your streams.

They have three types of subscriptions. You will need to choose one after your free trial ends. The first is ‘Personal’, then you have ‘Commercial, and lastly, there is ‘Enterprise’.

Depending on your level of professionalism, you can choose the one that suits you best.

#2 StreamBeats

StreamBeats is the second website on my list that offers copyright-free music. The website has a vast variety of music and songs you can choose from to put into your stream. Each one is categorized according to its genre.

On their page, you will find three options primarily. ‘Listen’, ‘Create’, and ‘Artists’.

You can explore the’ Listen’ page if you just want to listen to some royalty-free music.

StreamBeats has over 15 genres, with some amazing and catchy music waiting for you.

If you like a tune, they also have options to listen to them on different platforms such as Spotify or iTunes. This gives you a great range of use and comfort.

If you are thinking of downloading their tracks or maybe checking out the licensure, the ‘Create’ page is for you.

Over there, you can find options to download tracks, download stems, read some frequently asked questions, or check out a copyright claims form. 

The last page is ‘Artists’. Here you will also find different tracks compiled by different individuals. All the tracks are DMCA free, so you don’t get sued for copyrights later on. 

#3 PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat, a smaller division of the company Shutterstock, is a platform that provides streamers and influencers to input copyright-free music into their streams and social media stories.

In their large catalog of music and songs, every track is copyright-free, and cannot be flagged for copyright infringement.

The platform itself has over 20,000 tracks for streamers to choose from. You can sign up for a PremiumBeat account and get access to their entire audio library.

When I scrolled through the page, I found music categorized into different classes like new releases and top trending tracks. If you are new, these classes are something for you to check out. 

I also saw several collections with around 15-20 tracks each. You can check these out if you are looking for some inspiration.

They also have a section where you can see their licenses and make sure the purpose you are using the music for is covered.

#4 SoundStripe

SoundStripe gives streamers the perfect royalty-free audio for their stories and streams.

The website’s catalog comprises 8,000+ radio-quality songs that you can use anywhere you like.

With multiple copyright licenses, they make sure you are never flagged for using what you shouldn’t be.

The website can also be linked to Twitch for smoother transitions during streams. On their page, you can also find reviews from many popular influencers and streamers recommending this service.

Like all other pages, they have a monthly subscription that gives you access to every piece of content on their site, from video footage to music and SFX. They have it all in one place, so you don’t have to go searching.

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#5 Filmstro

The fifth edition in my list of websites that provide royalty-free music is Filmstro.

The difference between Filmstro and other copyright-free providing websites is that Filmstro allows you to create unique scores that blend in perfectly with the narrative of your video content.

Compose your audio and place it where you feel it is most effective.

Filmstro also has a unique feature where you can request custom tracks. These tracks are made on-demand and are delivered in 30-days. They have all the latest tracks available for use after a small subscription fee.

The best thing is that you can save up to 95% with their lifetime offer if you are looking to take this business long-term.

#6 Bensound

Bensound brings its users high-quality, copyright-free music which they can use at their convenience.

With their amazing collection of copyright-free music, Bensound has served some top brands around the world, such as Sony, Toyota, and Netflix.

Bensound does not charge you monthly. Rather, it has pay-per-track subscriptions or all-access subscriptions that give you access to everything at once.

With easy cancellation at any time, rest assured and use whatever audio you require stress-free.

#7 Music Vine

Music Vine is a platform used for royalty-free music.

Influencers and streamers can use different tracks for their social media stories or streams at any time when they have subscriptions.

With over 6,000+ tracks in their catalog, they provide copyright-free music for various purposes.

A unique feature of Music Vine is their industry-leading search tool that allows users to find the right audio whenever they need it. 

They cater to many tech giants such as Google and Adidas. You can also use Focus Terms to hone in on the type of music you want to listen to.

They help identify and personify moods, sub-genres, scene types, and characteristics. Combined with the added advanced filters and additional layers to sort through their catalog, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for.

#8 Pond5

Pond5 is a New York-based online marketplace for copyright-free media content. They primarily license stock footage, stock photography and after effects, and stock music.

They have the world’s largest stock footage, hosting more than 30 million stock clips. They have different categories you can sort through depending on what you are looking for.

From music and SFX to illustrations and 3D models, they have it all in their catalog.

Users can use them for any purpose as they are all covered by copyright licenses. Be it for professional or personal use.

They have flexible payment plans with competitive prices to help you starting streamers get their streams on the board. If you are looking to pay per item, the starting price for videos is $25, while for songs, it is $5.

#9 AKM Music

AKM Music is a UK-based platform that provides its users with copyright-free material to use anywhere.

To make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, they have divided their catalog into two different categories, moods and genres.

Individuals can filter through both categories and select the sub-categories they prefer. They have also listed the top tracks that people around the world use and new releases that may be hot right now.

On the page, they have listed different tracks for use in a video and those used in businesses such as restaurants or shops.

AKM Music offers this audio content on a one-off payment rather than subscriptions to reduce the hassle.

#10 Artlist

Artlist uses various licenses to make copyright-protected music available to its users. Streamers, social media influencers, and virtually anyone interested can avail their services to get their hands on some good copyright-free music.

They have several plans for different uses, from YouTube monetization to commercial use worldwide. 

Not only do they have copyright-free music, but they also cater to users that need royalty-free sound effects or video footage.

At a small subscription fee, you can get your hands on their entire catalog and browse through it to find the perfect audio track for you.

#11 Purple Planet

Purple Planet is a great place to find royalty-free music without hefty subscription fees. It is a collection of music written and produced by two singers, Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey.

If you are on a budget and can’t spend too much simply on background music, Purple Planet is the best option for you.

The site says you can use any of the pieces you want for free if you credit both the singers and the site.

They have a limited yet enticing catalog that is perfect for many moments.

#12 Hooksounds

Hooksounds is the last platform on my list that will offer you copyright-free music. You can use this original audio for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch.

Many global giants such as IBM, Microsoft, and Uber, have availed Hooksounds’ services. They also ensure that you won’t be subject to any copyright claims as they have proper licensure for each audio available on the platform.

Hooksounds provides you with a highly curated collection of exclusive copyright-free music content to download and use. All the media is produced by their in-house artists.

They do not include any third parties or hidden fees in their subscriptions to protect you from any legal claims. Hooksounds has a plethora of moods and genres to choose from while selecting tracks so you can pinpoint the audio clip you need.

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What to Do If Your Stream Gets a Copyright Strike?

You need to remove the copyright-protected content so that your stream can resume. Otherwise, it will be paused indefinitely. You can find what part of your stream was copyright-protected from the platform’s dashboard to see the content you need to remove to continue your stream.  Remove the highlighted content, and your stream will resume uninterrupted.

Knowing how and when your stream gets a copyright strike is important. All live streams on any platform are scanned for copyright-protected content in any form, even in the form of another live broadcast. 

If you are using copyright-protected content without the proper licensure, a placeholder image will be placed, and your stream will be stopped.

This is what a copyright strike is. If you are live streaming third-party content, remember to ask the other party to allow your channel to their allowlist. This will give you copyrights and prevent your content from being flagged.


Why Are My Streams Silenced?

Streams are silenced when they are using copyright-protect audio without proper licensure. The footage will continue, but any copyright-protected content will cease, in this case, the background music.

Can I Use 3 Seconds of a Copyrighted Song?

No, you can’t even use the 3 seconds of a copyrighted song. Copyrighted songs will never be acceptable and will always be flagged when played with licensure.

How Do YouTubers Use Copyrighted Music?

YouTube creators that take permission from the original creator of the content can use that content in their videos. The original creators are paid for the usage of their content.

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The Takeaway

Copyright infringement can be a real thorn in your side, especially when you put so much effort into streaming.

I would recommend reading up thoroughly about royalty-free content before using it, as it can interrupt your stream and lose your viewers. Check out these websites and see which one suits you best and is within your budget!

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