Subathon Incentives & Subathon Ideas for Small Streamers 

Twitch has become an increasingly popular platform for gamers and streamers that helps them garner a big audience and generate a handsome income.

Twitch streamers try out creative ways to stand out. They do so by taking on multiple challenges and doing weird activities on a live stream. This is where a Twitch subathon comes in. 

A good subathon needs to have a unique idea so the streamer can stand out from the rest of the creators. If one has run out of ideas for subathons, making them stand out and generating an audience can be difficult.

In this article, I will discuss different subathon ideas that small streamers can try to make their subathons unique. 

How Can Small Streamers Make their Subathon Stand-Out?

Streamers can make their subathons stand out by trying out different challenges. Live stream viewers are more interested in watching someone play games or experiment with creative activities since they are more entertaining to watch.

For instance, as a streamer, if you stream Warzone, you can ask your viewers for class setup recommendations and try using their unusual class set up to win the game.

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Subathon Ideas for Small Streamers

Subathon ideas depend on the specific community of a streamer. Being a small streamer, you must pay attention to what your viewers want to see, try to listen to their requests, and play into their wants. This will attract more viewers.

Apart from that, you can also follow some other subathon ideas:

#1 Play Games In a Unique Way 

This can give your subathon an edge and make you stand out amongst the crowd. You can play normal games uniquely or creatively by blindfolding yourself. 

#2 Give Rewards

You should have targets (donations) for the subscribers during the stream. There should be incentives for them after the targeted donations have been reached.

You might want to perform a forfeit or something more straightforward like a giveaway for them.

#3 Give a House Tour

You can give a house tour to your viewers or even just show them around your whole setup. Many viewers are interested to see the space you live in or work from.

#4 Try Weird Food Combinations 

The internet is full of people who eat weird food combinations as comfort food. Ask your viewers to suggest their favorite weird food combination to try on the live stream.

#5 Put Stickers On Your Face

For every sub, you can offer to put a small sticker on your face until it’s covered with full of stickers — It sounds like a weird strategy, but who cares as long as it works?

#6 Do Some Unique Dance Steps

You can try different dance steps for every certain number of subs you get. To fill up the time, try gaming or chatting with viewers.

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What Popular Subathons Can I Take Inspiration From?

Many popular streamers do subathons and you can follow them for inspiration. Following are some of them:

  • Ludwig Ahgren
  • SOmcs
  • Emilycc
  • Notmes
  • TaySpokes
  • rhamonzin

Not only are they famous for their subathons, but they have also continued subathons for many several months.

S0mcs has been streaming on Twitch for almost five years. In his streaming career, he has streamed various games that he also plays professionally. As an esports player and a content creator, S0mcs carried out a subathon for almost a week with unique incentives. 

The best part about his subathon was that he barely averaged 1,000 viewers yet had one of the wildest and most fun subathons ever to stream on Twitch.

Ludwig Ahgren started a stream on twitch on March 14, 2021, and it lasted for 30 days, ending on April 13, 2021. 

His streams included him doing different everyday activities such as playing video games, cooking, interacting with viewers or moderators, organizing movie nights, working out in his garage, and sleeping. 

His moderators would play videos or movies when Ahgren needed to leave the live stream to use the restroom or to go to bed. Dressed in shorts, he once bathed in the stream. Ahgren’s girlfriend and his housemates have also occasionally appeared on the stream.

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What Features Make a Normal Subathon Unique?

Let’s discuss some features you can include to make your subathon special.

#1 Tools Following the Incentives

You’ll need some tools such as TwitchEmotes or MarathonTimer. These tools can help your subathon be as interactive as possible while also going alongside the incentives you’ve set out on the stream. Widgets can also help quirk up the subathon process. 

#2 A Backup Setup In Case of a Power Outage or Other Issues

It’s highly unlikely, but in case one can’t proceed with a subathon stream due to a power outage or wifi problems, a streamer can set up a backup setup to avoid unexpected issues to ensure that one doesn’t end up missing the subathon. 

#3 Coffee and Energy Drinks

The coffee fever is growing, and many people watch coffee-related videos on the internet for hours on end.

Try to stream yourself going to a coffee shop and getting coffee, and share your coffee runs with your community. 

#4 Friends that Can Join In During the Subathon

Several viewers find it boring to watch just one person on the stream.

To make your streams more interesting, you can ask your friends to join you during the subathon. This can potentially make the stream more lively and entertaining.

#5 Play with Viewers

To make your stream more interactive and to attract active viewers, you can even play games with them.

See if your community has requested you to play certain games with them or to try out a new trending game. Play that game with them to make them feel included as well. 

Also, pay attention to what your Twitch viewers want to see you do, including listening to different music, making reaction videos, etc.

#6 Giveaways

You can inform your viewers that a giveaway will occur once you reach a particular number of subscribers, and winners will be chosen from those viewers. The viewers will undoubtedly enjoy this because who doesn’t like receiving gifts?

Here are a few giveaway ideas:

  • Choose a present that is appropriate for your community. For example, if you stream Valorant, you should provide new gun skins.
  • Viewers like to play with streamers, so make the chance to play with you a giveaway price.
  • You can also create a poll to better gauge the audience’s desire for giveaway pricing.

#7 Give Yourself a Haircut on Live Stream

To make your subathon unique and overflowing with viewers, you can even go as far as giving yourself a haircut at home by yourself. The best way to attract viewers to your streams and make them stand out is to take on hard and unusual challenges. 

What better way to do that than a self-haircut? Doing this will hype up the viewers.

Subathon Tips For Small Streamers

Here are a few tips that can help small streamers in their subathons:

  • Plan out your subathon stream content in advance, take time to plan out what you intend to do in your streams. 
  • To keep track of your subathon, install a subathon timer. 
  • Stream consistently and frequently to build an active community
  • Use high-quality streaming equipment for your subathons. 
  • A visually appealing stream channel will attract more viewers, so make sure that your stream channel has an organized and neat layout.
  • Always keep an eye out for the chat room and try to engage with viewers. Being able to interact in real tile is what twitch viewers are hyped up about. 


Now that I have fully informed you about subathons, you can organize one on your own. Subathons are a fantastic method to generate income for your stream. Just be sure you keep viewers entertained for a long time and are ready for the long hours. 

Get ready in advance and inform your followers that a subathon will happen. I hope this article helps all the small streamers get a head start on their subathons.

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