Here’s How to Do a Subathon on Twitch (Step-By-Step)

A subathon is not merely defined by long-duration streaming and using a keyword in the stream’s title. The words “subscription” and “marathon” are combined to form the idea of a subathon on Twitch. Its goal is to assist a channel in generating many subscribers in a single extended stream. 

If you’re a streamer who has finally gained a decent amount of subscribers, you may want to start a subathon of your own. To assist you, here’s my step-by-step guide on how to do a subathon.

How Can I Do a Subathon On Twitch: Step By Step

You shouldn’t just start a subathon on Twitch one day after deciding to do so. Before beginning your first subathon, there are a few things you need to do.

Step #1 Choose the Length of Your Stream

You can choose to clock your broadcast, leave it untimed, or tie the stream time to an objective while keeping in mind your personal life.

Subathons are typically lengthy, so you need to be conscious of any other obligations that can interfere with your stream.

Make sure you have some backups or bots in place to run your stream while you are not present if you decide to stream for an indefinite time.

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Step #2 Select a Stream Format

You can choose your stream’s format after determining the length of your stream. If you will have any predetermined objectives, such as an AMA (ask me anything) session, or sub-goals. You would also have to make decisions on a few crucial issues. 

To assist you, here are a few formats that a typical subathon includes:

  • AMA’s, and constant engagement with your audience
  • Playing particular games
  • Vlogging your typical day out in your streams

You can start making the appropriate preparations once you have chosen the type of topic you intend to cover throughout the specified time.

Step #3 Choose Your Subathon Objectives

You must create sub-goals for when you reach a particular subscription or donation count if you want to keep your audience interested.

You must choose or carry out an action that is either intriguing, bizarre, or the audience’s choice for each milestone you reach.

The audience is frequently informed of the next milestone and encouraged to subscribe or donate so that they can accomplish those things by having the subathon goals displayed on the broadcast or in a panel.

Step #4 Select Rewards for Devoted Subscribers

You must give incentives to your most devoted subscribers and donors. Make sure to personalize it a little or accord them a higher rank. Here are some suggestions that you can use to reward your top donors or subscribers:

  • Your Twitch channel’s moderator role
  • Personal video call interaction
  • Moderator discord position or a handwritten gift postcard

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Step #5 Choose the Environment and Logistics For Your Stream

You must choose your logistics based on the format of your stream. This includes the lighting, effects, and streaming technology that you intend to use.

Additionally, some streamers choose to move the stream away from their typical setting of a table and chair.

Step #6 Add a Widget With a Subathon Timer

Create a timer for the subathon on your Twitch channel that will add seconds or minutes based on the number of donations or subscribers you receive throughout the live stream. Viewers who subscribe to your channel can extend the timer that determines when your stream ends.

Adding more time for each subscriber will prevent your stream from ending prematurely if you have a low subscriber count.

Make it difficult for your viewers if you have a lot of subscribers by adding less time; otherwise, you can end up streaming for days.

Step #7 Develop Subathon Command Panels and Regulations

Display your subathon objectives and rewards in the panels so that viewers have access to all the information they require about the subathon without having to search the conversation or the stream. 

You can program commands into your bot to assist viewers in obtaining information or taking part in the stream.

Step #8 Let Your Audience Know About the Subathon.

When you are prepared to conduct your subathon, be sure to build anticipation for it. Show off your subathon prizes and demonstrate how enjoyable, challenging, or odd they are. 

Encourage your new viewers to subscribe if they want you to perform certain things by creating buzz around milestones.

What Tools Do I Need For a Subathon?

To run a subathon efficiently, streamers may require some tools or widgets to assist them in their streams. Here are some tools that you may need for your subathon. 

#1 Subathon Timer

A subathon timer is important as it defines the time parameters based on donations and subscriptions once you’ve finished arranging its setup.

#2 Subathon Schedule

During a subathon, having a schedule set up on screen allows the viewers to stay connected with the streamer. Think of it like a calendar with tasks to cross off each day.

It makes the subathon more consistent and ongoing rather than a blur of spontaneous activities. 

#3 Sponsored Giveaways

Additionally, you may set up giveaways for particular things when certain sub-thresholds are reached.

Let your viewers know that only those who have subscribed are eligible to win the giveaways and give an additional opportunity to win to those viewers who have gifted subs to others.

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You can also reach out to brands such as Gfuel to have them sponsor your subathon. This way you have items for your giveaways while also promoting the brand you’re taking on. 

Things to Look Out for During a Subathon

There are certain things that a streamer has to keep in mind to avoid mishaps or burnouts. 

  • Things such as taking breaks during a stream or familiarizing yourself with Twitch streaming rules matter more than you might think during a subathon. 
  • Some streamers choose to sleep during their subathons. Twitch permits sleeping while streaming as long as there is no offensive material playing at the time. However, the “react meta” is indeed prohibited on Twitch. 
  • Famous streamers are making the most of this by watching movies and TV series with their followers to increase their popularity. 
  • It’s important to note that no streamer is permitted to engage in any such activities that involve content that they did not create. The account is temporarily banned from all future activity by Twitch, and DMCA strikes are issued.

Why Do Twitch Streamers Do Subathons? 

Subathons have been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the streamers on Twitch. Here are some benefits of subathons and reasons why streamers do subathons.

  • The goal of a subathon for a streamer is to quickly increase their following, popularity, and subscribers as well as their level of engagement. 
  • If streamers participate in a subathon for a longer time, they can typically double or even triple their growth.
  • Streamers can gain a means of revenue through their subathons, such as Ludwig made a whopping 1.6 million dollars from his stream.

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Now that you are fully informed about subathons, I hope that you can organize one on your own. 

Subathons are a fantastic method to increase your engagement on Twitch as well as generate income for your stream. Even while it sounds easy, pulling off such a lengthy subathon is challenging.

Just be sure you can keep your stream entertained for a long time. Make sure to get ready in advance and inform your followers of the event.

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