11 Creator-Friendly Brands to Partner with for YouTube Sponsorship Deals

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This blog post is actually just something I am creating for me.

A resource to go back to – and add to as I find new brands that many creators are working with.

Brands that regularly works with YouTube creators

Some brands are almost impossible to get a sponsorship or relationship with, unless you are a giga creator with millions of subscribers. I am trying to make my list more geared towards smaller creators, with brands i see working with small creators already.

3 Electronics manufactores that works with YouTube Creators

#1 Razer
I have already written to razer several times. I have yet to hear from them, but I hope they’d be one of my first brands to collab with on my tech-channel.
#2 Anker
– Soundcore
– Eufy
#3 Corsair
– Origin
– Scuf
– Elgato

6 Software or solutions that works with YouTube Creators

  1. StoryBlocks
  2. Artlist.io
  3. MusicBed
  4. Squarespace
  5. Skillshare
  6. Fiverr

2 Wide Audience Brands that works with YouTube Creators

  1. Cuts clothing
  2. Manscaping

Brands I think you should stay away from.

I am not going to make a list of actual brands here – I’d be opening my self up to a lot of hate or anger from brands. Instead I am going to make categories to stay away from:

  • Crypto & NFT
  • Diets & Pills

And then I am unsure about taking sponsorships from VPN’s mostly because I don’t really know if they are all legit? – but time will tell, and if i ever get approached for a VPN sponsorship i have to know transparency about how they operate.

Doing a sponsorship on YouTube without being a sellout

In my opinion there is a fine line between doing a sponsored message integration and being a sell-out

Here are some steps you can take in order to – not seem as a sellout.

  1. Make the sponsorship integration 100% clear, that it is sponsored.
  2. Consider the sponsorship a “partnership” between you and the brand.
  3. Don’t make partnerships with brands you wouldn’t use anyway
  4. Be transparent with your audience.
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