How I Increased My Retention Rate on YouTube (easy)

By in YouTube

Are you loosing a lot of viewers in the first 30 seconds?

Then fear not

I noticed a pattern across my channels, and other youtube channels i have access to

.. and the best part is – that is very easy to do

A pattern that I now hear being talked about in Think Media, VidIQ and other “YouTube Learning Content”

This applies especially for brand new channels – but also for establishing channels with returning viewers

I actually stumbled into this learning.

I tried so hard with my videos – but they went no where.

Then I just made some videos with product reviews – Super Low quality one take videos shot on my phone.

They exploded.

I wrote it off, to the fact that those products were more popular.

But how come 3 videos with almost no effort took off,

but my highly edited maximum effort videos – did not

The problem:

An enormous amount of your viewers are not subscribed

  • and hopefully they never will be

Hopefully your content is always reaching people … outside your core audience

Otherwise thats a problem for another video

But even so, — this tip still applies

Lets just assume I’m right

  • the largest amount of your viewers not being so familiar with you (yet)

even your subscribes might feel close to you

There is a high likelihood that they probably clicked on your video … because of the subject

Because you made an enticing title and thumbnail – and not (just) because of you.

It’s actually always more about them (the viewer)

But this is not a bad thingonce you realize and accept, that this is just how it is

The solution:

Don’t show your face … in you own video for the first 30 seconds

Maybe even more!

This sounds so simple – but yet it so powerful, and for several reasons.

The difference was simple:

I was not in a single frame of the 3 videos that took off

they were 100% about the product

shot POV with an iPhone.

It took me a year to learn that THIS was the reason

But now I am employing this tactic in all my videos.

Since then, I have had more views take off

And ALL videos, have videos off the subject in the start – and not of me.

You’ve probably already heard that you shouldn’t waste the viewers time

– especially in the beginning of a video

Don’t ask for likes and subscribers, and please don’t tell your personal life story

… before … getting into the subject of the video.

That tip is not new. You should know this already

Otherwise .. now you know

My hack is simple and pure – but i’ll tell you it works

once I started doing this – My content went from under a 1000 views, t

to some of them having 10-20.000 views

The retention rate skyrocketed and YouTube started recommending the videos across more of youtube.

Go straight into b-roll that shows the viewers they are in the right spot

Record your intro – and everythin like you normally would,

.. But have the best videoclips overlayed, in the first 30-45 seconds

If you feel like you HAVE to tell your name, ..who you are, and what your channel is about .. in all your videos

Then do it – after– these 45 seconds of valuable content and b-roll*

💡 And if you must ask people for subscribe – you could wait even longer into the videos.
Deliver some value before asking for something in return.

Here’s why it works

The reasoning here is 2 fold

And hopefully – you can see why.

It’s about changing your view on the content you produce.

#1 No one knows you — and honestly no one cares about you

This sounds so harsh;

… but it is so liberating once you embrace this.

The you- in YouTube – is not about the content creator

… It is about the viewers

The YouTube video recommendations on the platform … is made for the viewer — and not for you, the creators

The viewer is here because of the subject of your video

.. try to see it from the viewer’s perspective ..

If you are doing product review

… then start by showing the product in the first 30-45

If you are talking about a location or travel

… then show video clips from that location – right away.

If you are making a how-to video

… then start explaining the problem, or your hook – right away; but with an overlay of visuals of the finished solutions or the problem … – depending on the content.

💡 I could go on; if you want more ideas, then you can meet fellow creators in my discord community

#2 It’s more and more normal: to hover-start a video

both on phones, ipads and on desktop

the video starts automatically on YouTube

(as the platform is right now)

the video plays without sound.

So having the first 30 seconds to SHOW what your video about, …..have just become extra important.

💡 Bonus: theres no sound on these auto-starts: so think about adding captions in the beginning.

Important tip:

**If done wrong

  • your retention will be even worse that now.**

Do not show 30-45 seconds of video-shots without actually starting the video

  1. Start with a hook intro
  2. Start the video like you normally would

But overlay the video of you underneath clips of the products, visuals or shots of the location- depending on the content

So when you are editing the video

Dont push your timeline forward with an extra 30 seconds of videoclips with no voice over.

Do everything as you are doing right now – but overlay the first 30 seconds without your face.

Here’s an extra learning I did:

by adding the overlay in the beginning of your video – and making the video about the subject and not about YOU

You can reduce the actual b-roll (or video overlays) ….later in the video

After 45 seconds, viewers are more invested.

that being said – never give them a reason to leave the video, because they will leave, if the video stops moving forward.

So if you don’t have extra b-roll, …then push some of the best shots up front in your content.

I have even duplicated some of the shots – I also use later in the video (where it makes sense to have it)

My channel here is about growing as a creator online.

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it’s free – and It makes me very happy.

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