How to Actually Pay for YouTube Subscribers – (100% LEGIT!)

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So, I just wanted to share this idea with you before I started my work day.

This is quite unscripted, but I think it’s a good idea if you’re looking to buy some subscribers or in any way activate your money or finances or savings in order to grow your audience on YouTube.

I’m almost certain that this will work.

It will work, of course it will work.

So, it’s like if you’re like me, I have money, I have a job.

I want more subscriber for my existing YouTube channel.

So, there is no things that I can do because I can’t outright go buy subscribers right?

I need to find another way!

I have tried on this channel to make ads for my YouTube channel in order to grow, that didn’t work really well.

All the subscribers I got were just not interested in my content because they were like somehow forced into like me and like my content.

So, how do you actually buy subscribers?

I think this is a legit way because it’s not really buying subscribers, it’s just buying your time or someone else’s time in order to gain subscribers.

If you’re like me and creating content mainly for longer format videos like this one you’re seeing right now, it’s the traditional way of making videos on YouTube.

But, you may not have fully utilized Shorts, which could be both YouTube Shorts and also Instagram reels, TikToks, Facebook stories, and maybe even Snapchat if it’s still a thing.

What I’m suggesting is that you can hit up Fiverr and buy someone else’s time to convert your videos into shorts, Instagram reels, TikToks, etc.

I’m currently looking into this on Fiverr and I just got a notification that for about $60, you can get five shorts converted from your videos.

I even saw an offer for 20 videos for $100.

I know it’s a lot of money for some people, but if you don’t have the time and have around $100 to invest in growing your audience, I think this is one of the best things you can do.

Invest in someone to always keep up with creating shorts from your longer format content, so you can continue creating longer format content and have someone constantly creating shorts for you.

In my opinion, shorts are subscriber-friendly right now.

It feels like subscribers are easily gained with shorts because there’s a larger amount of viewers on shorts right now and the Subscribe button on Shorts is highly prominent.

I think this is to encourage creators to create more shorts and put the Subscribe button there.

If you want me to test this out, leave a comment on YouTube or in Discord.

If you’ve already tested it, I’d like to hear about your experience in the Discord Community.

Do you have any questions or ideas?

Please leave a comment in discord or on youtube.

If I ever make this test in the future, I’ll put the video up here. Otherwise, I’ll put another video about growing on YouTube right here.

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