How to Make Money from a Very Small YouTube Channel

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Small YouTube channels have great earning potential. – You don’t have to go with no revenue, just because your youtube-channel is not big enough to get into the YouTube Partner Program.

So, Even though you have not been accepted into the partner program yet – like me.

You can still make money from making youtube content – like me.

Last year I made $700 dollars off my other YouTube channel – which might not seem like a lot, but the channel in question have just over 500 subscribers to this date.

and on this channel, (where I post most of my vidoes from this blog) i also make some revenue now and then.

Like the video about this blog post you can watch right here:

How to make money on a YouTube channel with 500 subscribers ?

There is several ways to make revenue from YouTube – even thought you don’t have the 1,000 subscribers yet – which is also why viewers are more important.

  • Not views
  • But viewers

The difference is you’d want a small group of people to show up for all of your videos consistently.

This could be 20,30 or 50 – this is your core audience.

This core audience is trusting you more and more, every day.

And if you recommend products – then they are a likely to buy them, if you are trustworthy when doing this.

There has been several cases: where trust have been broken just by a few bad recommendations, so dont ever break the trust.

on my YouTube channel for this blog – I am recommending a few tools in my description-box for each video. Those are all tools that i use my self.

And I am also signed up to an affiliate program for each of these tools. For all of the tools that have an Affiliate Program.

– this means that everytime someone sign up via my link – I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

I haven’t really been promoting any deals on the YouTube channel, and i am not really planning to – i’d just be happy to see you in my discord community.

But on my other channel, (which is in the tech space) – Where i talk about tech products.

It is so natural to have a link to the product in the description, and as i said before – that channel brings in money, from these recommendations.

Another way I make money as a Small YouTube

Another way to make money of youtube with a small audience

is to leverage your youtube videos as embeds on a blog, and use this to grow your blog.

This is exactly why this blog post you are reading right now – even exists!

the other blog (the tech blog) I just talked about, is crushing it in google compared to its size, – This is because all of that particular blog content (or almost all) have a dedicated video for it. AND GOOGLE LOVES THAT.

My strategy is simple: when I make a video, I also post a blog post with the same content in written form, and then I embed the video.

This type of content is something Google really wants, and is pushing to the top on Google.

A blog can be monetized in several different ways.

You can tap into ad-revenue much earlier than on Google – there is no threshold required to get Adsense or Ezoic on your website, and the ad-rates especially on ezoic is as much as 10-20 times higher than on YouTube.

Right now you probably experiencing ads on this website. This is the way I make money, creating this content for you.

Websites can also be used to sell your own products or services.

In my case, I could sell consultations on my website (I used to but I dont do this anymore.)

And if you are not talking about cooking, you can make a cook book to sell – if its fashion, you can link to fashion websites with good deals … and maybe if you are vlogging you can make a VIP-community with access to events or in-person meet-ups.

If you want to know more about making money on YouTube:

Then watch this video, where I break down YouTube ad income from 3 small channels.

I hope to see you in discord in the future.

Thank you for reading, today.
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