How to Increase Your EPMV on Ezoic and Mediavine?

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Ezoic and Mediavine offer a great platform to monetize a blog and help increase a blog owner’s earnings. Every blogger who has worked with Ezoic or Mediavine wants to increase their EPMV. 

You can increase your EPMV on Ezoic and Mediavine by the following methods:

  1. Write on high-EPMV topics
  2. Increase traffic from rich countries
  3. Improve site speed
  4. Focus on revenue-focused ad settings
  5. Give more time to your Ezoic ad placeholder setup

EPMV stands for earnings per thousand visitors, and it’s mainly used for calculating the overall revenue that’s generated on your site for every 1000 users who have visited your site.

Although the EPMV somewhat depends on your niche, the good news is that there are several ways bloggers can maximize their profits and get even more uses and benefits from these platforms. 

So in this article, I have discussed ways that you can use to increase your EMPV on Ezoic and Mediavine. 

#1 Use the Ezoic Data Analytics to Find High-EPMV-Topics

If you are on Ezoic, you must know that it has an analytics option that has data about which articles or posts are generating the majority of your revenue and which one of them has high EPMV metrics. 

You will notice that Ezoic’s data analytics can help you see which one of your posts, or topics is performing best in terms of generating ad revenue.

The first few posts or topics are usually the ones that are performing their best.

This can help you get insight into what topics to use for high EPMV topics. 

You can create more posts on these topics to increase the EMPV on your site, and therefore make more money on your site because it’s not worth it to create a lot of content that doesn’t make any money.

To find high EPMV topics from your Ezoic Data Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Ezoic dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Analytics‘ on the top navigation bar.
  3. Go to ‘Content‘ and then click on ‘Landing Pages
  4. Ezoic BDA will show the lists of your posts and their respective EPMVs.

#2 Attract Traffic from Rich Countries

The number one reason why you are making a low income is that you are attracting traffic from low-quality visitors. 

When I checked what my revenue was from countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, or Canada and compared it to countries like India and Pakistan, the EPMV of India and Pakistan was really low and almost worth nothing to the advertisers.

The majority of people just want to attract as many visitors as possible but even if you have a million visitors but they are not of high quality, your revenue will suffer.

So try attracting traffic from rich and developed countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. 

This also makes a lot of sense because most of the partners (advertisers) on Ezoic or Mediavine mainly operate in the US market. 

#3 Improve Site Speed

This goes without saying, if your site is slow and takes even a second longer than 5-10 seconds to load, users won’t think twice before exiting the page and finding a faster and more responsive website. 

A slow site chases away visitors, which means your ads won’t be able to generate any revenue. So make sure that your site speed is great and the content is delivered to the audience as fast as possible. 

Because if your content loads faster, the ads will automatically show faster. Therefore, increasing the chances of users seeing more ads and thus generating more revenue.

#4 Focus on the Revenue

If you want to earn more revenue, then you have to choose revenue focused in your optimization goals settings on Ezoic.

Selecting this setting isn’t a very popular choice for the Ezoic publishers since most of them prefer the balanced setting. 

However, all of this depends on your goal, if you want to earn and want your focus to be on your revenue, choose that setting. 

#5 Give More Time to Your Ezoic Ad Placeholder Setup

Ezoic’s algorithm uses placeholders to produce newly tailored ad combinations for each user when you start testing. Since these placeholders are representative of possible ad locations, one can easily place as many as he wants. 

Ezoic needs you to activate all your placeholders and preferably add at least 10-15 placeholders on each page.

The more placeholders you add, the more combinations Ezoic will create. Ezoic’s AI will add all these placeholders to your website in all the right places.

So if you are worried about too many placeholders, you can be at ease since the AI system works to analyze which of the placeholders work best for each visitor, so they won’t use all placeholders. Instead, each visitor will be served a custom layout based on their activity.

When I added placeholders to my site, I did notice a great increase in EPMV. So if you only have a few placeholders, I recommend setting up quite a few more. 

On top of that, you also need to make sure that these placeholders are also properly set up for mobile devices as well.

To check that you can use the Google Chrome Inspector to preview your website in different formats such as iPhone or Samsung and even tablets. 

You can verify that you have the right sizes of placeholders through this. 

4 Ways to Improve the Content

#1 Write Long Content

I recommend that you write long content in your articles. Trust me, the more content you have in your article, the more chances of it performing better in terms of ranking and terms of ads. 

Google wants to give its users the best possible user experience. Therefore, it also wants the publisher to produce content that answers users’ questions in detail instead of a generally short and incomplete explanation.

Thus, longer content has more chances of ranking better on Google. Plus, longer content is also super beneficial in terms of ads because you simply have enough space to place more ads in your article, and more ads mean more revenue. 

On the other hand, longer content can help you target a lot of additional keywords as well which might end up bringing you more traffic than usual.

However, be sure to actually remain focused on the current topic at hand and not stray away from it. 

#2 Increase the Line Height of your Content

You need to increase the line height of your article. It improves the user experience as well as helps you in generating more income overall. 

I would recommend keeping the paragraph margin to 1.7, you can go a bit lower or higher according to your preferences but for best results don’t go under 1.5. 

#3 Increase the Font Size of Your Content

You can also increase the font size of your content which can help you generate more revenue. 

But how, you ask? 

Increased font means increased article height. An increased height would mean that your ad will have more space for running ads as well as more placeholders.

This can potentially increase your revenue and attract more traffic to your site. 

#4 Increase the Vertical Height of Your Posts

Increasing the vertical height of your posts makes them perform better in terms of ad revenue.

The longer the height of your article, the more opportunity Ezoic will have to test ad placements on your posts. 

This will potentially increase the number of ads that are seen when a person visits the article.

Now, creating a long article does not mean that you have to write a lot of content and make it lengthy. You can increase the vertical height of the content by adding tables or infographics to your articles. 

You can also include various images or youtube videos to make your article longer.

Since Ezoic can only include placeholders between blocks, try to create shorter, more readable paragraphs by breaking up lengthy paragraphs.


All these tips are easy to do but some can take a bit of time and getting used to for you to put into practice such as placing placeholders. Apart from that, it’s pretty simple stuff that can make a big impact on your overall revenue. 

If you run a blog and are still not on Ezoic or Mediavine, I suggest you sign up and take advantage of its many benefits. I hope this article helps you increase revenue. 

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