5 Worst Niches For Blogging To Make Any Money 

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Well — That’s right. There are some worst blogging niches you don’t want to choose. And by chance, even if you do, don’t expect to make any money for years to come — at least. 

There’s a blog for almost everything that can be written on. From food to tech to even home remedies, there are hundreds of blog pages all writing about their specialty. 

But, not all blog pages are successful. Even in the world of today where we have progressed into new ventures, not all are fondly known enough to make any money over it. So let’s get started.

What are the worst blogging niches to make any money? 

#1 Entertainment

The first worst niche to consider is entertainment. And I’m talking about blogging here. However, it would also be correct for youtube, too. This is particularly for those whose main audience is kids.   

Entertainment includes all hobby or pleasure-related content such as writing about movies, sci-fi books, digital series, and so on. All these are forms of media that one can consume without the need for a 3rd party blog. 

However, these are oftentimes only consumed as a stress reliever and to look for different opinions on the same form of media. There is hardly any chance to add any affiliate link which could earn any sort of income. 

Child Dominated

Entertainment, such as movies and joke sites, are mostly consumed by kids or teens as they have the time and mental capacity to enjoy such things.

Moreover, they are also prone to search for fun content that they can enjoy instead of learning or inquiring about an “adult” topic. And since this has no possibility of being monetized, no advertisers would want to affiliate with you. 

This is because they would know that you wouldn’t be able to get them any sales. In this way, you’d be left with no ad revenue or affiliate commission. 

Low Overall Revenue

Your blog and affiliate revenue will be extremely low if your target population are kids. This goes without saying that kids do not have the same buying power as adults do.

Therefore, catering to them would not be of any use. Advertisers also know this and don’t target kids. They aren’t even allowed to target kids for their brand. They will, however, target high-buying people instead. 

In the entertainment niche, hardly anyone is a high buying audience.

Since most people see entertainment as means of pleasure or letting loose, no one thinks of linking any sort of investment with it.

Tips On Making Your Entertainment Blog Work

Aside from the previously mentioned point of targeting American buyers, I could also change the perspective of my entertainment blog. 

See it in this way, if I write about movies and music; instead of writing about how good or bad it is, I can instead mention the equipment used in the set. 

For example, if I have a pet blog, instead of talking about how cute pets are I can mention pet products that most people spend a lot on. Similarly, you can get into the technical aspects of your entertainment in hopes of earning you a few bucks. 

#2 Gamble Blogs And Adult Content

Now I know the first logical thought in your brain would be: why on earth would anyone even write about this junk? But believe it or not, some brainless heads do. 

Though it feels pretty self-explanatory on why you shouldn’t write on this and not try and monetize your blog, I’ll still give you the gist of it. 

Well, for starters it’s pretty much illegal to gamble and so is the majority of adult content. 

Chances are, instead of monetizing your account Google may suspend it. And once your account has been caught by the radar, it will never live to see the light. 

Most affiliate networks like Amazon and Clickbank also don’t want to be affiliated with gambling or adult content websites.

Aside from this, such content is blatantly ignored and reported so why bother wasting energy on something as unproductive as elicit content? 

#3 Non-English Websites

Not only should your target audience cater to the majority of the western world but your content should also be in English. 

There isn’t only a set number of Americans but also most of Europe and many other countries that are fluent in English. Alongside this, Google is also an inherently English-dominated site. This way it’s more likely to show content in English on top searches. 

No Profit From Non-English countries

Recently, one of my blogs had search traffic from India and South Africa and it gave me zero dollars in return for any sort of revenue. 

The same is the case for youtube ad revenue where I received no money for audiences from any non-English-dominated states. 

In this way, people from India or other countries will not make as much money as would traffic from the USA or Europe. This is because these countries are economically advanced and can buy what you advertise. 

Low Buying Power 

Speaking of the buying power; there’s a general understanding that Americans have possibly the highest buying power out of all countries.

Although a lot of other countries like UAE and Switzerland are relatively richer Americans outnumber them and many new companies opt-in making the USA their main market. 

For this reason, advertisers are in a race against each other to grab all American target populations. What I mean by this is, if you’re targeting a non-US-based audience your affiliate commissions and ad rates will be exceptionally low. 

Language Of The Internet 

If your blog isn’t in English your content will be unattainable to the monoglot English-speaking population. You can say bye-bye to the people in New York and Michigan wanting to read the information you put out. 

Even for bilingual countries, English is the only path to successful leadership. This is why everyone virtually blogs in English.

If your blog isn’t in English and has any other aspect of any other language, your blog will greatly suffer. Your affiliate commission will decline and suffer greatly. 

#4 News 

This is also pretty self-explanatory. So you open a news blog and frequently comment on current world affairs. There’s politics, sports conflicts, and all the work. 

Then there’s CNN or BBC who do all that but on a bigger platform and with more recognition. 

So who flops and who advances? 

I shouldn’t even need to answer that but, it is the BBC. Not only do they have a line of journalists waiting for their next big story to be published, but they also have a thousand other important factors like time, money, infrastructure, and journalistic capabilities.

Starting your news blog is like opening the second CNN. you’ll need vast knowledge on journalism, crazy big infrastructure, and dozens of employees that can get your work done in a jiffy. And let me tell you, all this isn’t easy to get a hold of. 

You need strong connections and authority. And even if you do have connections, the general public will prefer to take the words of the New York Times with more gravity than yours. 

Machine Problem

Aside from needing crazy amounts of resources, you could still somehow gather up the latest trends in one place and share them for others to know about. The only downside is that sharing trendy news is kind of what social media runs on. 

It’s not the endless pictures of that new boba place or your “morning look” that gets them their bread. It’s the endless personalized set of news that pops up on your page after every two posts. 

They build a news feed solely based on what they think you’d like to see and this is where they make cash. 

This is the machine problem of writing news blogs. People already get what they’d like to see on their social media feeds. In this way, no one would make the extra effort of finding blogs for the same information. 

People Problem 

Another factor that seals the deal in not having a new blog is known as the people issue. In this, many people have started mocking serious world events; making jokes and memes over them. 

Now to be fair, these jokes aren’t even funny but this has ensured a lot of anger in reporting channels and sites. 

A Lot of broadcasting sites have argued whether they should claim any external member using news aggregation should be outlawed. Or in other terms, fined or jailed or at most, have their site suspended. 

Their main reason for doing so is because people are primarily profiting off of someone else’s work. And doing it in the most horrid manner possible. 

To be frank, this sort of action should require you to be outlawed. I mean, the jokes aren’t even funny, they’re just deranged. So that’s another thing people have actively ruined for us.

#5 Cookery 

Everyone loves food. Everyone loves reading about food and they love watching food. It’s just so simple. Who doesn’t like food? Unfortunately, this also comes under the category of niches not to write on. 

The food market is incredibly huge. So is it very sharable, from Twitter retweets to youtube likes, it’s just a vast never-ending void. Now although the market is great, business prospects are amazing and it’s relatable (everyone eats) it’s really hard to monetize this niche. 

Competitive Market

The reason this is so is large because people don’t view food in the sale/purchase mindset. It’s just a bit of eye candy to make your mouth drool. This affects your monetization ability a lot. It’s easy to think of groundbreaking content; how to make the perfect loaf of focaccia.

But you know what’s hard?

Incorporating that idea in a way that you earn revenue. You could at most, only tell them how to make the perfect focaccia but you cannot charge them to know your recipe. 

That’s the catch with food blogs, it’s difficult to think of a way to produce revenue generation streams.

SEO, paid ads, or social media — Everything marketing platform is too competitive for food blogs.

Also, people have often seen liking, sharing, and commenting on food-related content, yes. But no one subscribes to cheese blogs or Mary’s Kitchen Treats. 

That’s just not necessary. A quick search can get you all that you need so no one makes the effort to monetarily support one blog. 

Difficult To Look For Advertisements 

The only chance you have at monetization is in hopes of an affiliate advertiser. And that too is possible, only when your blog is crazy good. To make your blog crazy good you’d need money, of course. 

And then you’d need some extraterrestrial levels of sophistication. All so food-related adverts can come to you. 

Since this is an advert worth thousands of hundreds of dollars, it is highly unlikely to happen. You’d need a large audience and top content so you can get the top-ranking companies to advertise their products on your page.

Not to be a buzzkill but that’s the equivalent to going to Neptune. It just isn’t meant to be.  

Reasons Why These Niches Are Bad

The niches I just mentioned are known as the “worst” niches for making any money. Now I’ll explain why these niches are described as bad topics to write on. 

  • Small Market Size —Usually for niches such as entertainment and news the market size is small. There are not a lot of people that view these topics from an investment point of view and hence do not earn you any affiliate commissions or revenue. 
  • Difficult to Monetize — As I mentioned in the cooking and entertainment niche, it’s hard to look for ads and any willing affiliates as these aren’t topics to earn money on. Take cooking as an example, people read cooking blogs to learn new recipes but you need a lot of skill and talent to be able to bag an advertisement deal.
  • Low Market Cost — This is when niches aren’t as big as they may seem on the surface. These niches are either so vast that competition makes it hard to score a good commission or their products are hard to label a transactional value on. 

Final Word

You’ve officially gone through every aspect of why the niches mentioned above aren’t good for making money. So what’s next? 

Well, you could start by finding a niche other than the ones mentioned to run your blog. Provide vast detail in the topic you chose and hope to find adverts, affiliates, and other means of earning

Of Course, you can still write on these niches just as a hobby with no future monetary plans. It just isn’t good for keeping your bank account happy, otherwise, some of these topics are interesting. 

Passion Not Money

One last thing I’d like to highlight is, none of these niches is impossible to monetize, they’re just impeccably hard.

I know these niches are also some of the most trouble-free ones, but you can still find topics that pull your heartstrings and aren’t too hard.

Monetizing your blog is a hard task, so don’t get too disheartened when you don’t immediately find ways to do so.

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