5 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Growing In Google Search

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One of the most common queries that new bloggers have is Why is my website not showing enough growth on Google’s search results? Here’s the answer to it:

Your blog is not showing on Google Search because of the following reasons:

  1. You’re not working on your blog anymore.
  2. You’re not focusing on a single blog.
  3. You’re targeting the wrong topics.
  4. You’re straying away from the blog topics.
  5. Your blog has tough competition.

Everyone wants to rise to fame quickly and in the shortest method possible. But the fact remains that we don’t all reach such heights in this manner! 

Why is that? Precisely because there are steps and efforts involved in every venture; be it setting up a technology industry or online blog writing.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that upcoming bloggers make:

#1 Giving Up Midway


Impatience is one trait that almost all business owners have in common. Everyone wants to see the fruits of their labor. 

I would venture to say that what drives and motivates most of us is the feedback loop of effort results growth reinvestment of effort. We would feel lost without it.

This is something you can repeatedly observe in all aspects of life. When asked whether they would prefer one piece of candy now or two pieces tomorrow, almost all children will choose the candy right away. 

Our culture and species have become accustomed to instantaneous results.

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Blogging is a long journey and lots of people give up as soon as the first traffic comes in.

The issue is that blogging requires a lengthy investment. You’re spending money on content that will bring a steady stream of readers to your blog for the foreseeable future. 

Few individuals will be able to start a new blog and make it profitable in less than a year. Even fewer people can turn a blog profitable in less than six months. 

You have to remember to post enough content to get that required traction. You cannot stop midway through your effort. Keep blogging and put in equal amounts of effort for every post that you write.

Those who can invest a lot of money in advertising and promotion, and frequently have a track record of success in other areas, have an edge in recognition by Google search right away.

If you’re wondering how long it takes for blogging to start paying off, the average person needs 1-2 years.

#2 Not Focusing On a Single Blog

What happens with most new bloggers is that they see the traffic is starting to flow from their first blog, they get excited by that fact and soon they want to open up another blog.

Just noticing what works for them (on their first site), they dive quickly into their next blog thinking ‘I can do this better than the first one.’ I can generate even more traffic and make my site grow on Google significantly.

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Taking into account all the things they experienced in their first blog; all the rights and wrongs and the improvements they gathered from it, they go for a second blog with the motto ‘I’m going to do it right this time around!’

What happens then is that a year later the second site is not that much bigger than the first one. Instead, my first site is actually doing very well right now.

All the posts and content that I wrote for my original blog are picking up a lot of good traction now: it’s grown in my absence!

Be smart and start working on the first site again.

#3 Writing the Wrong Content

For many out there blogging is something like the daily YouTube vlogging that people usually do these days.

I’m not saying that it isn’t that, rather it could be, but almost no one is successful with just normal journaling through their blog.

It is essential that you search, search and research the right content to write about. You cannot just aim and shoot out into the open without some sort of direction or uniqueness.

Useless content will almost never generate traffic or get listed by Google on their search.

Lots and lots of searches take place every day, and your aim should be to target those searches with relevant topics for people looking for answers.

What question can I answer in my blog’s niche? This is something that you should be asking while researching.

#4 Straying Away From the Topic at Hand

Never drift away from the main topic. When you see some of your posts getting traction, you hone in on them: go deep into that niche and sub-niche.

Choose the questions from your blog posts, Google them, and go to the People Also Ask (PAA) section. Focus on this feature by answering those questions in your posts.

You can also use the tool on “alsoasked.com” to help you further with PAA.

Pro Tip: Building a cluster of topically related content is one of the keys to succeeding with a blog and exploding your blog traffic

#5 Underestimating the Competition

Always consider your competitor’s blogs and content. If you cannot write about top trends magnanimously, then don’t venture in.

Lots of you might want to start a fitness-related blog or a health-related blog, but this might be one of the most competitive niches next to finance and gambling.

From what is observed, money and health-related content are not on the same algorithm in Google as everything else.

You can find any other sub-niche that doesn’t boast a bigger audience but is still large enough to have a decent audience of its own. You then write about that niche relentlessly, ensuring that you have a chance of gaining decent traction.

I, for instance, have been using the niche of horse riding before because I think there is not as heavy competition in this one as compared to finance. 

Though the fact remained that initially, I couldn’t produce posts that could immediately start competing with the likes of “horse.com:” a giant in the horse riding industry.

I had to make my own place and style and then keep at it, while also observing my post statistics.


Tip: Finding those small cracks in each niche is the key to gaining insight on topics that might sell.

An overly simplistic way of finding the best topic is that if you see a Quora or Reddit post for the search topic, then you know there is a demand for knowing the answers for it but there isn’t a blog post with good enough answers.

If you see a Reddit/Quora page riddled with website names that you are already familiar with, then it’s likely that it is a competitive topic.

Other Reasons My Blog Isn’t Showing on Google?

There can be several other reasons for this, some of which are listed below. You decide which reason best fits your situation:

  • Your blog is not indexed by the search engine Google.
  • Your site is not properly search-optimized (Search Engine Optimization).
  • The content quality of your blog is not up to par.
  • Your site might have been penalized by Google as it did not follow Google’s Quality Guidelines.
  • The keywords that you use in your blog are too competitive.
  • Your blog doesn’t provide a good user experience (UX).


It’s good that you have entered into active blogging as a professional — it’s easy, safe, and right at home!

Always have the drive to be big and earn big, but do not be hasty towards achieving this goal: haste leads to waste, and for our purposes, content is full of distaste!

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