Twitch Bits: Everything You Must Know (Streamers & Viewers)

With Twitch, the doors of making money are always open through various methods. One of them is ‘Twitch Bits’. But what are Twitch Bits and how to use them?

Twitch Bits are virtual goods that Twitch viewers buy and send to streamers to show their love and support in return for some premium features such as emoticons, badges, acknowledgments, etc. Twitch Bits is a great way of financially supporting your favorite content creators and streamers on Twitch.

Although using Twitch is free, these purchased bits are used to get attention in chats, for voting in polls as well as getting recognition through leaderboards and directly from the streamer.

In this article, I’ll discuss how much are 10,000 bits, how to buy and receive them, and much more!

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How Much Are 10,000 Bits on Twitch?

10,000 bits on Twitch costs $126.00. So, if a viewer wants to gift 10,000 bits to a streamer, he would have to pay $126.00. 10,000 bits are available at a 10% discounted price for Twitch users.

These small yet powerful gems usually come in bundles or individually, too. You can give 100, 300, 500, 1,500, 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000 bits.

Now I know all of you will be thinking, just $126

Well, $126 for doing streams is quite a handsome amount. Imagine all you do is put in your all for a stream and someone appreciates you enough to give 10,000 bits. Well, what more could you possibly ask for?

You successfully avoid the horrid office hours, strenuous assignments, and deadlines not to mention grumpy bosses to get annoyed by, either. Honestly, this sounds like a win-win situation to me. 

Do Streamers Make Money from Twitch Bits?

Streamers earn $0.01 USD for every single Twitch bit received. So that makes one dollar earned for every 100 bits. If a streamer isn’t in the US, they will be paid in their respective currency.

Twitch takes around 30% share initially when the bits are purchased. They do not deduct any percentage from the streamers’ end which is super-good for Twitch content creators.

While all this talk of receiving thousands of bits is great, there is one hurdle coming in the way of you cheering on your favorite streamer. How exactly does one purchase bits?

How to Buy Twitch Bits?

Here’s how you can buy Twitch Bits:

#1 Open the ‘Twitch website’

Open the Twitch website or app and log in to your Twitch account.

#2 Click on ‘Get Bits’ on the top right

On the top right corner next to your profile icon, click on the’ Get Bits’ button.

#3 Select the Number of Bits You Want to Buy.

You may purchase 100, 300, 500, 1,500, 5,000, 10,000, or 25,000 bits. The more you buy, the more discount you will get.

Prices are shown in USD.

#4 Enter the Payment Details.

You can easily make your purchase through trusted apps like Amazon, PayPal, and or any active debit or credit card.

#5 Complete Your Twitch Bits Purchase.

Select your desired option and confirm your payment via your payment site and voila! you’ve officially bought your first bits. Wasn’t that just as easy as pie? You can now free your appreciating beast; making the streamers’ day. 

You may also purchase Twitch Bits on the Twitch app and the purchasing method is pretty much the same.

How to Receive More Bits On Twitch?

To earn enough bits and to keep people wanting more, this must be well thought out. There are multiple ways to earn bits. From cheers to substations I’ll be telling you all the ways you can get your bits. 

#1 By Cheering  

Cheering is like a virtual round of applause for a statement or action you particularly liked. It could also be just to show your enthusiasm for the streamer’s win.

It’s also just a kind gesture so the streamer knows you’re avidly watching. 

It gives the streamer some motivation and pushes our desire to do better. I can’t deny that seeing people cheer for me does give me unexplainable joy. It’s just something about the surety that people have that what you present to them. 

How To Send A Cheer on Twitch?

To cheer, all you have to do is type in ‘cheer’ along with the number of bits you’d like to send. Then click enter and the cheer is sent.

Just like that you can send endless cheers (until you run out of bits of course) uplifting streamers and giving them hope to continue. 

#2 Being An Affiliate 

Probably the only complication in cheering is that you need to be a twitch affiliate to receive and withdraw the cheers. Being an affiliate isn’t a hard task and anyone can be an affiliate. 

So, while it is a minor obstruction coming in the way of you and your bits, it’s still pretty straightforward. 

How To Be An Affiliate?

To be an affiliate, you must have,

  • at least 50 followers on your main page 
  • stream for an average of 8 hours in 30 days
  • Get at least 3 viewers on average within the 30 days
  • Stream for at least 7 days in the same 30-day tenure. 

Once you’ve met all these criteria, you would be able to join the Twitch affiliate program within a few weeks.

After being an affiliate, enjoy the vast benefits it holds such as being able to receive cheers and have subscribers. All these will help you earn your bits. 

#3 Organizing A Subathon

Another effective way to increase your bit inflow or just earn bits, in general, is to organize your very own substation. 

Now, what is a subathon you may ask? 

Well, a subathon is a stream where each time a new person subscribes, the timer for the stream increases. So, if one person subscribes then the time for the stream is increased by one minute, and so on. 

If you’re successful, these streams may last for hours or even days at most. In the end, you’re left with an influx of subscribers that will not hesitate to send you your occasional bits. 

How To Set Up Your Subathon on Twitch?

Here’s a list of the ways you can do that.

  1. For starters, you should pre-plan this a week prior so you can inform the audience. This way both you and the audience will be mentally prepared for the chaos that’s to come. It also builds a sort of excitement; engaging with your viewers pumps them up for the big day. This way you’re more likely to see a higher viewership as opposed to normal days. 
  2. The next most important thing is to lay out your content plan and any sleeping/ bathroom arrangements. Let’s face it, you’re not going to have many opportunities on your hands to get a 2-hour p2-hour or go use the bathroom real quick. These have to be arranged beforehand so you don’t get worried on the big day. Also, this way you can arrange food and drinks too. After all, you wouldn’t want to make history by starving during a stream. 
  3. Lastly, you should also add a panel describing the glorious benefits people would get by subbing to your page. These could include the exclusive content you release and the gain viewers would get by giving you bits. The clearer it is the more likely people will sub to your page.  

The idea of a continuous stream does sound impossible and downright exhausting but people do actively participate in them. As far as preparation goes it doesn’t take a lot to be prepared. 

What must you do to prepare for your very own subathon? 

Well, the list is vast, but not complicated. 

By managing to mix up your content, keeping it lively and fun along with extra added effects you can surely expect great subs. This, in turn, accounts for a hefty bits collection. 

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Different Ways Of Getting Free Bits on Twitch

As I mentioned at the start, getting bits isn’t hard. It only requires a trusted app and your will. But, aside from the conventional way, there are a few other ways viewers can stock up on bits to send to their beloved streamer. 

Let’s say you just don’t feel like spending money on buying app money but at the same time, you still want to show the streamer you like their work. In that case, anyone would look for monetary alternatives. Keeping both you and the hard-working streamer satisfied. 

How exactly does one gain bits from other sources? 

Just sit back and read. 

#1 Watching Ads 

One of the most common ways to earn free bits is by watching affiliate ads. For every affiliate ad that you watch you’ll be getting 5 bits in return.

It might seem long and to be honest, it is (hey, they gotta make you face the consequences of not buying paid bits somehow) but most ads aren’t over 20 seconds before you can skip them.

Think of it as the fruit of patience. You may be hungry waiting for it to get ripe but once it is ripe, well, it might just be the sweetest thing you’ve ever eaten.

This method of earning bits is only available for a few countries.

After you’ve sacrificed 20 seconds of your time, consider yourself 5 bits richer. This method is maybe the least time-consuming one there is. Trust me, the other ways take a bit more than just 20 seconds. 

#2 Filling Out Surveys On TwitchRPG

Another way to earn your free bits is by filling out surveys on twitchRPG. What is twitchRPG? 

It’s a hub for twitch that surveys viewers and streamers alike.

By filling out one survey as a reward you get a few bits; around 500 — Sometimes less, sometimes more.

These surveys are not always likely to give bits, some are just given the extra feature for a limited amount of time. 

Once the time’s over, no survey will gain your bits. But hey, you just got to be informed when the offer comes up. As soon as you see it, go to twitchRPG and sign up with a valid email and you can ensure solving surveys for bits. 

Do Twitch Bits Expire? 

Twitch Bits don’t expire. You could stockpile 10,000 bits and even if you completely abandon twitch, once you come back your bits will still be at full value. No cut or expiry date included.

This is maybe the biggest relief twitch has given. 

You can only hold 250,000 bits in your wallet at a time.

It’s not easy to collect or buy bits and leaving twitch for a few days shouldn’t mean all the surveys you filled should go in vain. And luckily it doesn’t.

Can You Send Yourself Bits? 

Unfortunately, you cannot send bits to yourself. Twitch has disabled the option to send yourself bits. This is mainly to promote healthy competition and fair play. While it might sound harmless, it’s a tad bit unfair that you can increase your bits by sending yourself some. 

Because of this, twitch has locked the very option to do so. But of course, you can make dual accounts and send yourself bits from there — Whatever the method, it seems a bit selfish.

Rather than sending yourself bits, you could send other hardworking streamers the same amount. 

Anyone that streams would want to grow as a streamer and receive some bits. What better way than to get sent bits by the person you love most; yourself.  But, that is not the case here.

Are Twitch Bits Refundable?

Twitch Bits are not refundable unless the purchase is made due to a technical issue or a fraudulent activity. If you think that the Bits were purchased mistakenly, contact Twitch support to file a complaint.

You can also not receive the cheered Bits back once the action is done. This rule is made to protect content creators and streamers from fraud and unnecessary chargebacks.

For more information, read Twitch Terms of Sales.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s the end for bits and their uses. By now you will have known everything there is to know about the infamous twitch money. Its uses, how to get them, and all the works.  

If I look at it from a streamer’s point of view, even 10 bits would mean a lot. It isn’t necessarily always about the amount you send but rather just the act of doing so that makes streamers happy.

You could give them 100 bits and they’d only receive around $1 but that $1 is earned by doing what they love. Which makes it all the more special. 

And like I told you, getting bits isn’t hard either. It’s a very uncomplicated procedure that could give you an average of 100 bits. So why not spend them on true people who try hard to make content for you to enjoy. These tiny gems are a good source to show the streamer that you care. 

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