The Real Reason Why YouTubers Have Multiple Channels

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If you have a favorite YouTuber, you might notice that they have more than one channel. Wouldn’t it be easier just to consolidate everything, and why would the YouTuber have multiple channels? 

The real reason YouTubers have multiple channels is to increase their click-through rate (CTR) – how many people click on the video after viewing the thumbnail. The higher a YouTuber’s click-through rate, the more money they make through advertising. 

Read on to learn the benefits of YouTubers having multiple channels. I’ll also explain when it’s better to have only one YouTube channel. 

How Else Does Having Multiple Channels Help YouTubers? 

In the previous section, I mentioned that the real reason YouTubers have multiple channels is to improve their click-through rate and make more money (publishing YouTube content is an excellent passive income idea). Are there any other benefits of having multiple YouTube channels? 

Having multiple channels also helps YouTubers with categorizing content, helping viewers find it, and using YouTube’s algorithms to their favor. It allows them to experiment without taking the risk of losing followers. 

I’ll discuss these points in more depth below: 

It Helps Categorize Content 

YouTube allows you to have one account with multiple channels, eliminating the frustration of signing in and out of the site whenever you want to add content to another channel. 

Using multiple YouTube channels to categorize content helps you keep things organized, neat, and simple. 

Here are a few examples of how to categorize content: 

One Channel for Each Content Type

Most YouTubers specialize in creating one type of content. However, many enjoy publishing a wide range of video content types. Below is an example of how to organize YouTube channels by content type:  

Content Type
YouTube Channel 1How-to/Instructional
YouTube Channel 2Storytelling
YouTube Channel 3Challenges
YouTube Channel 4Product Reviews
YouTube Channel 5Product Unboxing

Some YouTube viewers enjoy watching only certain video categories and might be put off by having to sift through content they don’t like. Viewers might be unlikely to subscribe to your channel if they think they’ll be bombarded with content they’re not interested in and only occasionally see content they like. 

One Channel for Each Theme

YouTubers who publish various themes can benefit greatly from having multiple channels. Too many themes on one channel could overwhelm some followers and make your channel look messy. 

For instance, if you publish travel content, you could split the channels by continent or country. 

If you’re trying to create brand awareness, having a well-managed YouTube channel is essential because it creates a positive image for your company. 

One Channel for Each Audience

Successful YouTubers understand that it’s important to use words, emotions, and body language that appeal to their audiences. A separate YouTube channel for each audience group can ensure that the content remains appealing to everyone. 

For example, some cultures find certain slang terms funny and endearing, while others can find them unacceptable. 

If you speak more than one language, having a separate YouTube channel for each one can help attract followers from different countries. 

It Allows Them to Experiment

Viewers love new and exciting content, but it comes with a risk because YouTubers sometimes don’t know how their audience will respond. The YouTuber can lose followers and revenue if the audience doesn’t like the content. Many YouTubers rely on the platform for a passive income

Having multiple channels allows YouTubers to experiment without taking huge risks. Some YouTubers publish new content on one channel, evaluate its performance and popularity, and then decide if it’s worth going ahead and publishing it on all their channels. 

It Helps Viewers Find Their Content

One of the main challenges for YouTubers is seeking ways for viewers to find their videos. When YouTubers have multiple channels (with each channel focusing on one content element), it becomes easier for viewers to stumble on their videos. This in turn allows them to grow their number of subscribers more effectively. 

It Helps Them To Use YouTube’s Algorithms in Their Favor

If you’ve tried to kill time by watching an interesting YouTube video, you’ll have noticed that YouTube will suggest similar content you might like after your video is finished. This is because YouTube uses algorithms primarily based on your viewing history. 

If your content is well-organized and in multiple channels, it’s easier for YouTube’s algorithms to suggest similar content from you to the viewer. 

When Is It Better To Have Only One YouTube Channel?

Now that you understand the benefits of YouTubers having multiple channels, when is it better for a YouTuber to have only one channel? 

It is better to have only one YouTube channel if you’re still building your fanbase, you don’t have time to manage multiple channels, or you have limited content offering. A single YouTube channel can also work well if properly managed.

Here are some more details about these points: 

You’re Still Building Your Followers

YouTubers understand that YouTube offers better monetization opportunities than streaming. However, this is only possible if you have many followers. 

If you’re new to publishing content on YouTube, growing the following on your main channel is advisable before branching out and creating additional ones. 

If you’re concerned about your channel becoming disorganized and confusing, consider using playlists to organize your content. 

You Don’t Have Time To Manage Multiple Channels 

Having multiple YouTube channels is only a good idea if you have time to manage them. This involves regularly uploading relevant content, replying to viewers’ comments, and ensuring that content is SEO-optimized

Neglecting your YouTube channels can damage your brand as you will likely lose followers. 

You Have a Limited Content Offering

There’s no need to have multiple YouTube channels if you offer only one service, product, or content type. An example includes a YouTuber who owns a small marketing company and only has a handful of products. 

Final Thoughts

Many successful YouTubers have multiple channels because it helps them increase their click-through rate and make more money through advertising. 

Other benefits of having multiple YouTube channels are: 

  • It helps to categorize content. 
  • It helps them to experiment with new content. 
  • It helps viewers find their content. 
  • It allows YouTubers to use the algorithms to their benefit. 

However, there are a few instances in which I wouldn’t recommend having multiple YouTube channels: 

  • You’re still trying to attract followers. 
  • You don’t have time to manage multiple channels. 
  • You have a limited content offering. 
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