Tiered Subs Guide: What Is a Tier 3 Sub on Twitch?

There are multiple ways to earn from twitch. From donations to bits. But gifted subs are my most favorite. Here’s what a tier 3 sub is on Twitch:

Tier 3 sub is the highest subscription rank you can buy on Twitch. It costs five times the price of Tier 1 and includes all the benefits of Tier 1 and 2 along with special tier 3 sub badge flair and emote modifier.

There are three tiers of subscriptions tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. All 3 tiers have different rates as shown below: 

Tier 1$4.99
Tier 2$9.99
Tier 3 $24.99

The American live streaming app serves a lot of use but it mainly caters to gamers across the globe. Where it was once a tough job to find gamers who play your favorite game, now there are thousands if not millions. 

You can show your love to your favorite streamers through subs, donations  and bits, etc. All of these have different values and in this article, we’ll be talking all about just that. So, excited to learn how your fellow twitch streamer makes money? 

Keep reading to find out! 

How To Make a Tier 3 Sub On Twitch? 

Despite its complicated and grand title, making a tier 3 sub on twitch isn’t as hard as it seems. It can easily be done in a few easy steps. 

  1. Log into Twitch and go to the streamer’s channel you want to sub. 
  2. There, click the subscribe button right below the stream. 
  3. Then you’ll get an option; above and beyond. Click that. 
  4. Then click the tier 3 option. 
  5. Enter your payment details and click the final ‘pay and subscribe’ button. 

Voila, you’ve now successfully subbed on tier 3. As you can see it’s not complicated at all. Plus, if you’ve subbed to a channel before then you’ll know this is the same process as subbing to a tier 1 sub. 

The only difference is the payment amount. This is what we’ll be talking about next. 

How Much Does a Tier 3 Sub Cost? 

A tier 3 sub costs $24.99 every month. However, twitch has a discount going on that offers you a 10% discount upon paying for 3 months. They give a further 15% discount for those who pay for a 6-month subscription up front. 

This is honestly a great marketing deal as it gives you a good bargain and you don’t have to spend every other month paying for a subscription. 

According to this, if you pay for a 3-month subscription you’d pay $67.47 upfront. This is opposed to the $74 you’d be paying monthly.

The same is true for paying the 6-month sub upfront. In this case, you’d be saving $22. 

What are the Advantage Of 3/6 Month Subscriptions?

With a 3 or 6-month sub you won’t have to worry about your subscription renewing or not each month. Plus, if you’re already committed to subbing to a channel then what’s wrong with one long-term payment? 

Also, it’s a lot easier for you to maintain your sub streak when you don’t have to worry about paying. It’s just one smooth, long-term streaming party. 

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What Are the Perks of Tier 3 Subs? 

Tier 3 subs are great, yes. Well, you’ll be glad to find out that tier 3 subscribers do have many advantages. Some of these are;

  • Exclusive emotes 
  • Special tier 3 sub badge flair
  • An emote modifier
  • More money to the streamer

These are the common benefits you’ll be sure to get by subscribing to any channel. There are more personalized perks, too. You can easily find out more about them by going to the “extra special exclusives” option. 

If you appreciate the streamer then your biggest perk should be the greater ratio your streamer will be getting. Instead of the staple $2.50 for 1 sub, they’ll get $12.50. Since most streamers have the platform as their main source of income, a little can go a long way for them. 

Ultimately, tier 3 subs are the best display of affection to your streamer. There’s possibly no other way to show your appreciation towards them. This is why, if you want to show an ounce of your love, tier 3 sub is the way to go. 

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How to Gift Tier 3 Subs on Twitch? 

Here’s how to give tier 3 subs on twitch. 

  1. Log onto twitch and go to the channel you want to give. 
  2. Click the “gift sub” option. This is below the stream. 
  3. Next click the top right click and change the option from 1 tier to 3 tier. 
  4. Next you can choose how many subs you want to give, enter your payment details and you’re done. 

Like we talked about before, you can also “gift” subs to streamers. This is another way of showing a genuine fondness for a streamer and their work. Gifting subs can also be divided into 3 different tiers. And the process for giving them is also similar. 

This method is for channels you’re already subscribed to. If however, you want to give subscribers to someone you’re not already subscribed to then you can do that as well. 

How to Gift Tier 3 Subs to An Unsubscribed Streamer? 

It’s as easy as gifting someone you are subscribed to, as well. To gift someone you’re not subscribed to, follow the following steps: 

  1. Go to the channel you wish to gift
  2. Click the subscribe button
  3. Click “gift a sub” found at the bottom left of the window. 
  4. Then on the top right corner you can choose tier 3 as your sub-option. 
  5. Select how many subs you want to give. 
  6. Lastly, make your payment and seal the deal by pressing pay. 

As you can see, it’s the same process as gifting a subscribed channel. There’s honestly no complexity in subscribing. 

Does Anyone Sub Tier 3 Subs On Twitch? 

As absurd as it may sound some people sub tier 3 for a lot of their favorite streamers. Although Tier 3 subs are rare, if you want to show your beloved streamer appreciation then tier 3 subs are the best way. 

Although most twitch users do subscribe to tier 1 since it is the cheapest option. The thing is they miss out on additional perks tier 3 subs get. These include emotes, loyalty points, badges and best of all ad-free viewing. 

Since all of these are available in tier 1 too, subbing at a higher tier seems unnecessary. 

Can You Sub Tier 3 on Your Phone? 

Seeing the high price they charge, it’s pretty unfortunate that tier 3 subs cannot be made through phones. Twitch mobile subs only go as far as tier 1. So, if you want a higher tier then you’ll have to bring out your PC. 

This is mainly because you’ll have to log onto twitch, which can only be done on your PC or laptop, and then sub-tier 3 through their website. 

You could open the browser on your mobile but it is easier to do so on your computer or laptop instead. For now, though, using your PC for tier 3 subs is the best option. 

What Is the Difference Between Tier 1 And Tier 3 Subs? 

The basic difference between Tier 1 and Tier 3 is Tier 1 subs cost $4.99 while Tier 3 subs range at $24.99. Tier 3 offers more perks to the subscriber and means more money to the streamer.

That is the only major difference between the two otherwise, they’re all pretty similar in what they do and like I mentioned above, have the same overall perks, too. 

The minor perks tier 3 subs do have, however, make paying the extra amount more justified. But in my opinion, tier 3 subs should be looked upon as giving more to your valued streamer to make their lives easier.  

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What’s the Point of a Tier 3 Sub? 

All this talk of similarity makes you wonder, what even is the point of adding tiers to subs? Do they serve another purpose aside from charging more? 

You’d be glad to know that tier 3 subs do have extra points involved. For each subscription on tier 3, you get 6 points. It also gives channel perks and a greater chance of interacting with your favorite streamer.  

Streamers get around $12.50 when a Twitch user subs for Tier 3, i.e., almost 50% of a Tier 3 sub original price which is $24.99.

Advancements Made for Tier 3 Subs

The biggest advancement for tier subs is twitch gives them 4 extra emotes slots. So for tier 3, you’d have 8 extra emote slots( higher than anyone else). Another great advancement is that tier 3 subs now have emoted modifier filters. 

These change the appearance of a streamer’s current lineup of emotes making it overall, very interactive. This also gives greater chances of being noticed by your streamer since tier 3 emotes will now look different as opposed to stingy tier 1. 

Lastly, you also get hold of a new feature called badge flair. This is an overlay of the icon which enhances your icon’s look and makes it stand out even further. 

Once again, this gives you the upper hand in potentially interacting with the streamer. 

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How Much Are 40 Tier 3 Subs on Twitch? 

When it comes to tier 3 subs, the most you can gift your streamer is 40 gifted subs. 40 Tier 3 Subs cost around $999.60. 

Now I know this is a lot but hear me out. 

Gifted subs are a great way to show you care and you support your favorite streamers from time to time. Plus, some streamers have twitch as their only source of income. So, if you can spare $999.60 then giving it to your twitch streamer won’t hurt. 

Who Has the Most Tier 3 Subs on Twitch? 

Here’s a list some twitch streamers and their tier 3 sub-count to make you understand better. 

Channel name Tier 3 Subs 

So far in this article, I’ve been explaining how tier 3 subs are helpful to the streamers and they sure appreciate the generosity? But, not everyone subs at tier 3, and most only stay as prime subscribers.  

When you look at a list of tier 3 subs you’d find the ratio very small as compared to regular subs

As you can see, twitch tier 3 subs aren’t a lot, even for the biggest accounts on the platform. 

What are Lifetime Subscribers and Tier Subs? 

There’s one feature on twitch known as lifetime subscribers. Basically what it means is the users will be subscribed to your channel indefinitely and will receive no notifications in return. 

Although, their loyalty points will increase. They don’t generate additional revenue or subscription points.

Usually how this is done is, twitch grants one free lifetime subscriber only when they reach the following milestones 

  • 50 subscribers 
  • 250 subscribers 
  • 500 subscribers. 

These are the minimum amount of subscribers you’re supposed to have to request a lifetime sub. The maximum amount of lifetime subscriptions you can get per channel is 3. Partners can also choose the subscription level for their lifetime subs according to 3 tiers. 

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Complexities of Lifetime Tier Subs 

It’s important to remember that regardless of what tier you choose to grant, there are some complexities of lifetime tier subs:

  • It won’t create any additional revenue or even subscription points. 
  • Alongside this, the user will also not receive any notifications on your channel though their loyalty points sure will increase. 
  • Once you choose a lifetime sub you canno remove them. So, you better think hard about this. 

What Are ‘Gifted’ Subs? 

Twitch Gifted Subs

Gifted subs are what users give as a ‘gift’ to other users during a stream. These gifted subs are the same as regular subs; you’ll be able to access the same features of emotes or the ability to chat in the stream. Gifted subs can also be of 3 tiers: tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3. 

The user who’s giving out gifted subs can either choose to give it to random people on the stream or one specific person. Gifted subs are a great way to show your streamer that you care. 

If given the chance to choose between subscribers and donations, the chances are streamers will pick subscribers. This is because subs make you feel wanted and appreciated as opposed to one-time donations. 

Different Tiers In Subs 

Now, even with gifted subs there are 3 multiple tiers involved. Tier 1, 2, and 3. This is a paid subscription users can choose from. The tiers represent the amount you’ll be paying. 

These are monthly payments that need to be given to keep your subscription. The payments are made through Paypal or debit/credit cards. 

Now, moving onto the tiers, tier 1 is the lowest subscription level and as seen in the table above, only costs $4.99. Tier 3 however, is the highest subscription which results in giving you extra emotes. 

It’s no doubt that tier 3 subs are the best of the best. They get to experience the better part of twitch streams, too. 

Wrap Up

So that’s all you need to know about tier 3 subs. Twitch has become the main source of earnings for a lot of people on the platform so these options can be very helpful for them at times.

To be able to find solace and give others solace in what you do is a treat in itself. But what makes it even better is when people enjoy your content enough to pay for it.

That’s why, even though these subs do cost a lot, sparing a few bucks (if you can afford to) will be one thing your streamer will forever cherish. 

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