20 Easy YouTube Gaming Content Ideas for Viral Videos

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I’m sure you’ve seen several teenagers make millions from just a gaming channel on YouTube! So, do you want to hop onto the bandwagon and make your fair share?

Here are the top 20 Easy YouTube Gaming Content Ideas for Viral Videos:

  • Live Stream Your Gameplay 
  • Make a Game Analysis Video
  • Discuss Game Glitches
  • Host Gaming Challenges
  • Record Game Review Videos
  • Make Speed Run Videos
  • Design a Compilation Video
  • Become a Host For Other Gaming Youtubers
  • Play Multiplayer Video Games With Your Subscribers

A huge audience loves to explore various gaming ideas and would be willing to watch your content as long as you make it engaging and fun.

But before starting your Youtube channel, you should thoroughly explore all of these ideas and see which ones work best for you.

So, continue reading as I tell you how you can act upon these ideas to see rapid results!

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When you start a Youtube channel, you cannot just stick to only one gaming idea because your viewers would eventually get bored and may stop watching your content altogether. 

A better idea is to have a mix of different ideas and explore them all in your Youtube videos. Let’s go through these ones by one.

#1 Live Stream Your Gameplay 

If you think that you have got an engaging and charismatic personality, a Youtube live stream gameplay is a great idea!

You will be streaming your gameplay live while simultaneously talking and interacting with your viewers in the video. 

You have to do some work on your end too. You should have a high video and audio quality, and you should also enable any effects or stickers that make it easier for viewers to interact with you.

Youtube live streams go viral because people tend to join them and have fun. This in turn would bring a lot of traction to your channel, and you would hit higher numbers when it comes to subscriptions and views.

#2 Make a Game Analysis Video

Game analysis is a critical and time-taking process. You will be playing a game and analyzing all its aspects, from the storyline and graphics to its dynamics and challenges.

You should plan out the entire content before making a video and see what fits right. 

You should also ensure that you include the player’s experience and compare the game with another game of a similar type.

For example, you can compare Garena Free Fire with PUBG since they are both battle royales. 

Your game analysis helps people get an idea if this is the right game for them so that they can invest their time and energy in it.

#3 Discuss Game Glitches

If you are a frequent gamer, you wouldn’t be a stranger to gaming glitches. All the games that are designed have complex codes behind them.

These codes can sometimes have bugs or glitches that can affect your gaming experience. 

While some glitches give off funny and interesting effects to the gaming experience, others make it harder for you to complete a task or, more often, give the player an unexpected advantage. 

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Making videos about these glitches is the perfect idea because it can lead to a lot of interesting reactions from your viewers. 

It is best to always record your game while playing it because these glitches happen unexpectedly. You should try making a video about gaming glitches and see how people interact with it.

#4 Host Gaming Challenges

Gaming challenges are a fun way to boost community engagement because you are essentially playing with your viewers’ emotions.

As you would know, all gamers are freakishly competitive and would never back down from a gaming challenge. 

If you are a well-established Youtuber, you can ask your Youtube viewers to participate in a gaming challenge. Incentivizing such challenges can be a great idea, too, if you have the right capital. 

If you have just started out, but you believe that you are skilled at the game, you can ask your community to give you a challenge. That would be equally fun as long as you pick the right game (the popular one). 

Hosting gaming challenges would strengthen your relationship with your Youtube community and attract the audience to your channel. Both of which are amazing catalysts for your success on Youtube.

#5 Record Game Review Videos

Whenever a new game is out, you can instantly make a review video about it. You can highlight all its pros, cons, and other important features that set it apart from its competitors.

People usually watch such videos simply because they are interested in the game and want to determine if it would fit in their gaming collection. 

Remember that people are always on the lookout for review videos as soon as the game is released, so you should prepare beforehand.

#6 Make Speed Run Videos

In speed run videos, you are basically completing the whole video game or task fastest or under a time limit.

These videos’ engagement is high because they are thrilling and excite the viewers about it. 

People love to watch these videos because it gives them just the right adrenaline rush, and thus, you can expect a good number of views from such videos. 

To maximize engagement, you should target difficult challenges from wildly popular games.

People who would be familiar with those challenges would surely tune in to check out your video and may even share it with their friends!

#7 Design a Compilation Video

In a compilation video, you are basically comparing a variety of games and their different aspects.

If you have started Youtubing and know about keywords, you must have noticed that the most common searches include keywords like ‘best of’ or ‘top 10’ or something along these lines. 

Because compilation videos are so commonly searched, you can expect good views on your video if you are able to rank it with the help of the right keywords. 

#8 Become a Host For Other Gaming Youtubers

Do you know what’s better than a Youtuber making a gaming video? Two Youtubers making a gaming video!

If you invite another gaming Youtuber to your channel, you can expect a good number of people to watch your video and subscribe to both your channels. 

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This is a win-win situation for both of you, and it would lead to a better intermixing of your followers. It would lead to an overall rich interaction with your Youtube community and would be beneficial for you in the long run.

#9 Play Multiplayer Video Games With Your Subscribers


Another good way to increase your channel’s activity could be to invite some of your subscribers to play along with you. You can pick any person randomly or give out a challenge and invite the winners. 

Your Youtube community needs to feel valued. If you give them the right attention, they would be looking forward to your videos and pass on the word too. 

Inviting your subscribers to play multiplayer with you could be a great idea. They can ask you questions and you can give honest answers.

This entire interaction would undoubtedly strengthen your bond with your Youtube community.

#10 Make a Game Highlights Video

If you are a skilled gamer, this idea could just be the perfect one for you. In a highlight video, you share a compiled video of all the highlights while playing a game.

You can flaunt some special moves, difficult challenges, tacky moves, and other achievements in these videos. 

The highlight videos receive a lot of attention because they mainly record your reaction while playing the game. They can be bloopers or other funny compilations that people eventually end up enjoying. 

#11 Host a Gaming Q&A Session

A Q&A session could be an excellent opportunity for one-on-one interaction with your viewers. Since in this video you will just be answering all your subscribers’ questions.

They can get to know the person that they are following and their opinions on gaming, among other things.

These videos get more views because you are establishing your image in your gaming community. You can use this opportunity to answer complex questions in an interesting way and let people know how knowledgeable you are.

#12 Make a Favorite Characters List

In these types of videos, you are making a favorite character’s list and comparing their various aspects. If you have a good script and explanation, your video will surely receive the deserved attention. 

While making this video, you should be careful to mention the aspects you are using to compare the characters.

Please note that you will have to edit a lot of video clips to make this video, and that will take time. But if you do it right, the final video could be totally worth it.

#13 Make Gaming Reactions Videos

Reaction videos are another way to tap into the emotional potential of your viewers. These videos are a compilation of your reactions while playing a game.

These videos enable the viewers to enjoy your live reactions to a gaming task or challenge. 

They can enjoy watching you play it even without playing it themselves and that is the most interesting aspect that these gaming reactions videos bring. 

Your viewers may agree or disagree with your reactions to a game. Either way, your channel will receive attention and eventually, a huge following.

#14 Preview an Upcoming Game

Gaming companies are always releasing new games, and people are hungrily on the lookout for these. You can make a teaser or preview of an upcoming game to let people know that it will soon be released. 

To make a preview of the game, you will need to gain access to beta versions or demos so that you can show the dynamics of the game.

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Overall, if you are the first one to reveal the preview of an upcoming game, people would be really into watching your videos and help your channels reach success very fast.

#15 Gaming Tutorials

Every gamer wants to improve in the games and play better. Your gaming tutorials can help thousands of gamers to do that.

In a gaming tutorial, you are basically playing a game and showing people how they can reach the next level. 

These gaming tutorials are especially helpful for beginner gamers who want as much guidance as they can get. You can provide step-by-step instructions and give detailed tips and tricks to help people improve in their game.

You would develop a community of gamers that would be thankful for your help and will pass on the word to their friends too. 

#16 Game Series Discussions


There are various games that have now turned into a series. With the game developers releasing a newer, more modified, and advanced version of the game in the market, the competition has escalated really quickly. 

You can make a video in which you discuss different gaming series. You can compare the games from the same or different series and explain what you liked and didn’t like. 

#17 Easter Eggs In a Game

Easter eggs are hidden video game surprises that are hard to come by. You need special secret codes or certain techniques to access it.

Easter eggs add mystery to the game; all gamers love to uncover that mystery. 

Thus, it is an awesome idea to make a video about the easter eggs in which you can explain to people the right technique to access them. 

It can be just a simple informational video about easter eggs of different games too. As long as you talk about the easter eggs, your videos will automatically grab the attention of every gamer out there.

#18 Family or Friends’ Reactions Videos

If you have someone in your family or in your friends who would like to explore gaming, then you should definitely make a video featuring them.

First-time experience while playing a game can be funny and crazy; people would definitely enjoy that. 

You need a video screen recorder to show the reactions of your family member/friends while playing the game. Your videos can grab a lot of attention if you give funny reactions and content to them.

#19 Latest Gaming News

The gaming community is vast and widely spread. There is various gaming news that needs to be spread in the gaming community, and Youtube videos are probably the ideal way to do that. 

Your videos can be a source of reliable information about any new game releases or something else happening that can impact the gaming community in any way. 

You should add your commentary and trivia to these videos just to make sure that they don’t look monotonous or boring.

Your gaming news videos can spread like wildfire, and people would trust you as a reliable source of information for any other future updates.

#20 Unboxing Gaming Tech

You can make an unboxing video of any gaming tech that hits the market.

Though you will need some investment to always be ready to buy the next new gaming tech that arrives, people would love to see such content.

It will help them decide if the gaming tech is the right investment for them. 

These unboxing videos keep the surprise running in your videos, and people would always refer to your channel whenever they want reviews on any product that they’re thinking about getting.

Final Thoughts

There you go! I’m done discussing all the innovative ideas that you can use to make Youtube videos. Even though there is a huge competition out there when it comes to being a Youtube gamer, you can use these different ideas and techniques to make your name out in the gaming community.

While these ideas are widely different and vary in a lot of aspects, you should consider doing your research before you directly jump to making videos.

It would take you time to incorporate these ideas into your content, but you will eventually get there, and it will be all worth it in the end!

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